Since I started searching the internet more for research done in the parapsychology I’ve come across a lot of interesting and strong sites and articles. One of the best research I’ve seen so far is by William A. Tiller, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering. Prof. Tiller has been publishing in journals about parapsychology since the early 70ies.

Being a scientist, he obviously performed several scientific experiments to verify ‘paranormal’ abilities of humans. The experiment he writes most about is dealing with several aspects of the phenomena. In the experiment, 2 identical low-tech electrical devices (called IIED) were used. One was put aside for control. On the other device 4 qualified meditators impressed their intention for 1 hour. The purpose of the intention was changing the pH value of water by 1 whole point. The hypothesis was that human consciousness can affect the material world.

The devices were then sent to another laboratory and put near a normal water target. After 1 to 3 months of working the water had started to shift its pH value towards and reaching the target desired by the experiment’s meditators. The experiments were repeated several times in different US and european laboratories. The target was alternating between increasing and decreasing the pH value.

Prof. William A. Tiller suggests that the current physics is not complete in its view of the energy – consciousness interaction. His research also included research on the human bio-energy field and the chakra system. I’ll cover this in later articles. Here are Tillers quote from the article where he summarizes his theory:

The collective results for these three target experiments showed unequivocally that the unstated assumption of establishment science is very, very wrong and that it is time for a major change in our worldview of nature.

Our subsequent experiments have provided revealing data on how this probably happens. In short, our present working hypothesis is that physical reality consists of two unique levels with a variable degree of coupling between them:
(1) our conventional electric, atom/molecule level functioning in spacetime and
(2) a coarse physical vacuum, magnetic information wave level functioning in a reciprocal spacetime.

This latter level has a new kind of physics which can be modulated by human consciousness. The output from these IIEDs seem to enhance the coupling between these two levels of physical reality in the laboratory space so that our instruments now measure the sum of the normal spacetime uncoupled data response plus a coupling coefficient times the physical vacuum level response.

Our working hypothesis is that this is how a specific human intention mentally imbedded into an IIED can significantly influence physical reality!


Tiller’s Homepage