I often get emails (through the Contact form) where people tell me some unusual things that happen to them and then ask for some help, reassurance or advice about how to deal with this. And although over the years I’ve become somewhat more skeptical and don’t tend to believe that many claims of paranormal (not that I ever did), I can not ignore the fact that simple people report these things all the time. And I don’t even ask them to. They are really looking for help and support.

The following message is repost with permission, but I omit the name and email of the woman, for obvious reasons:

I guess it has always bothered me that when my Father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer a number of years ago, that he had no symptoms. He was apparently given 6 weeks to live, (although he lived for 2 GOOD years) and instead my Mother was the one suffering from the illness as far as the symptoms go.

The night my father was taken to the Hospital (2 hours before he passed on) my Mom was the one throwing up blood. She had every symptom that you would expect from my Dad, but he had none. When I took him for his last x-ray (2 weeks prior to passing) they made him repeat his test. They thought they had got it wrong, as his lungs showed that they basically were non existent. He definitely was having troubles breathing, and was weakening… however was up on his feet (as he was 2 hours before passing) while my Mom was sitting at home resting while Dad and I were at the Doctor.

My Mom definitely was special, and was actually removed from her family as a toddler due to “other” family members feeling her parents entertained the “wrong” type of people. They actually had a huge beautiful old home in Britain where they had other folk with similar “extra senses” come and stay. My Mom’s Auntie didn’t think this was an appropriate environment to raise a child. My mother was ashamed of her inherited gifts and protected my sister and I from them as we grew up. Still, I know that I have had many different situations that I can only attribute to some of Mom rubbing off on me!

I have SEEN, the deceased Mother of someone I didn’t even know. She appeared as a light beside her daughter at a counter. She gave me a message for her daughter, and as reluctant as I was to pass it on ..that Mom wasn’t about to let me off!!!

I did eventually pass it on, and BINGO the daughter knew and confirmed it was her Mom. The Mother had provided me with ONE word to let her daughter know that it was truly her, and that she was with her.

The one word was FLOWER, and that word meant a great deal to the daughter. The daughter went into great lengths explaining to me that when her Dad died she of course bought her Mom flowers. The week after her Dad had passed the Mother felt that she should buy the daughter flowers, and it became a weekly event. Flowers from daughter to Mom, the next week flowers from Mom to daughter. Well, when the Mother became ill and passed on, the daughter was lost! The flowers had become so much a part of her life that she couldn’t let it go. From that point she started buying herself flowers… every week. She was pretending they were from her Mom.

Believe me, I’m not the kind of person to ever approach a perfect stranger with such information but I felt I had too. I actually didn’t do it immediately, and had believed the girl had left the property. It was the Mother that announced in “silent” words that her daughter was returning, and I actually stood up from a desk to look out a window to see her coming into the driveway in a Van. Don’t know how it happens, but I can get quite good at it when I want to.

Normally I just try and avoid such things, but like I said…THAT Mom was not letting me off the hook. I don’t see that I could have been dreaming, and I had witnesses, including my husband and the young ladies friend. SO.. my question is 2 fold. How did my Mom take my Dad’s symptoms from him and give them to herself, and how come I can (many times) see things that apparently aren’t supposed to be there?

Thank You!

Another interesting comment I’ve got earlier was from the post about Telepathy experiments with twins. Here’s the comment:

I am not a twin, although the identical twins that I have known all agree that there have been times when they have responded to something that is happening to their twin when that twin was absent and they couldn’t have known what was happening to them.

As a mother, I have experienced this phenomenon myself. The first times were when my first son was born. He developed an infection and was in a special care baby unit for the first week of his life. The unit was three floors below my room and yet every time my baby randomly woke up during the day or night, I knew, and was sitting at the door ready to go down to breast feed him when the nurse called up for me. The urge to go to him was even strong enough to wake me from a deep sleep.

Knowing when he needed me continued very strongly and he was 5 or 6 before it began to lessen. On one occasion, when he was three, I was with some of the other mums in the kitchen at a birthday party when I suddenly couldn’t breathe. I rushed through to find him and a much older boy had sneaked him into a bedroom under a pretext and was trying to strangle him. My son was blue in the face and passing out.

Though not always so dramatic, this happened so often that it couldn’t have been coincidence, and although it did get less, I still know when things are going badly or well for him, even when I haven’t seen him for a while. It happened with my second son, too.

So, given that there are people who report such extraordinary stories is something that really keeps me interested in the psi. Although these are all stories, lives of many people are filled with stories like these and I don’t think all of them should be just dismissed since it can’t be or can’t be proven.

When a mother in a simple blog post comment tells about how she saved her child from strangling I don’t see any reason for her to tell lies. It’s not self promotion and she doesn’t offer any services. It looks simply like an experience that moved her so deeply that she remembers it all these years and not afraid to tell, at least not over the Internet.

How many similar stories have you heard in your personal life?