Mind Power News website posted an article that deals with luck. The author states that luck can be attracted into one’s life using several methods. He starts by stating that there’s a difference between luck and chance, the latter being something unpredictable. He defines luck as the ability to take advantage of chances. The author proposes the idea that luck can be increased and gives 8 ways to do that. The short list is:

  • 1. Get Ready for Luck
  • 2. Create Mental Alertness
  • 3. Practice Generosity
  • 4. Get in touch with your Desire
  • 5. Increase your Intuition
  • 6. Undo Past Bad Luck
  • 7. Create a Luck Anchor
  • 8. Morning Luck Meditation/Affirmations

You’ll want to read the original article for the full explanations.

Personally, I haven’t found anything new in this list, although it’s always good to constantly feed your mind with good advice. I’ve met similar advices in the books and lectures of Brian Tracy, who has a similar approach to luck. Also, it reminds me of some of the Jose Silva techniques I have learned, like the meditations and mind work with visualizations. I have noted over my life that these things are true and working and in my understanding it all starts from the desire which, in turn, increases your attention to seeing the chances in the right way.

Make yourself lucky!

Original article: "8 Ways to Become a Luckier Person".