The following article was sent to me by Buryl Payne in early 2009 but somehow I’ve only now got to publish it. I’m also putting the original PDF file that he sent me, which is better formatted. Buryl seems to be heavily into research of Biofield or what he calls “Spin Force”. The article discusses one of his experiments with remote healing.

Remote Healing Measured by the Biofield Meter

Buryl Payne, Ph. D. Psychology, Psychophysics Laboratories, P.O. Box 514, Soquel, CA. 95073


A force around the human body different from electric, magnetic, gravitic, photic, or thermal has previously been discovered and was used in this research. Originally called a ‘biofield’ and now called a ‘spin force’, it was found to vary in amplitude with lunar phase, solar activity, vitality of the subject and other factors. It was found to vary in amplitude with intended remote healing attempts. In 17 out of 20 trials in this pilot study, with healers from 50 to 3,000 miles distant, a clear change in amplitude of the spin force was observed.
Keywords: remote healing, subtle magnetism, biofield, spin force.


It is known by experience that prayer and other means of visualization at a distance enhance healing, although no satisfactory explanation has been found to explain this effect. This study shows the operation of a different type of force may be involved. Called a spin force, torque, or rotational force, it is hypothesized to exist around all living organisms.

Biological spin force was accidentally discovered by the author while investigating ‘pyramid energy’ in 1976. The author’s device, called a Biofield Meter, displays a spin force when placed around an organism. It was found to exist around every human tested, a couple of plants, a grapefruit, watermelon, cat, dog and horse. Presumably it exists around all living organisms and its existence has been observed by other researchers. The amplitude of rotation of the Biofield Meter varies with solar and geomagnetic activity, changes direction temporarily at times of new and full moon and varies to some degree with the health of the subject.

Several researchers have observed some physiological changes in humans as a response to remote healing. Ron Hruby, a retired NASA electrical engineer, made his own version of the Biofield Meter and hypothesized that it might respond to distant healing attempts on a subject. He found this to be the case. In 18 trials with four subjects, he found 100% correlation of changes of the Biofield Meter amplitude of rotation with attempted healings by a small group ten miles distant from the subject.
This study expands upon the work of Ron Hruby, and attempts to verify his results while using variable distances between the healers and the subjects.

Materials and Methods
The Biofield Meter consists of a square frame, made of 0.25 inch diameter wood dowels, 16 in. on each side. Six ring magnets are centered on each dowel and 16 in. long strings are attached in the center of the six magnets on each dowel. The strings angle to a center where a set of two mirrors of 1.5 inch diameter are glued back to back. A hook and additional string is used to hang the apparatus over the subject’s head at eye level. The device looks roughly like a pyramid frame.

In practice, the Biofield Meter rotates a few degrees after being placed over a subject. Given an initial impulse, and because it is a string suspension, the torque on the string, or winding force, limits continuous rotational movement. It winds up and unwinds, in other words, oscillating back and forth for a few minutes. The number of degrees of initial rotation was used as a measure of spin force around the body.

This experiment was conducted in Santa Cruz, California. Twenty trials were conducted May to June, 2005. The first trial was completed with a small group of remote healers in Sheffield, Massachusetts, a distance of 3,000 miles from Santa Cruz. Three Biofield Meters were set up around three subjects. The subjects’ first names were supplied to the distant healers. The healers chose one subject for the healing attempt, which was unknown to the observer. A start time was determined for the healing attempt, and observation of the biofield meters began at that time. Movement of the three biofield meters were measured and recorded during the trial period. Following the trial period, the name of the chosen subject was revealed to the observer.
In addition to this initial trial, seventeen other remote healers were invited to attempt distant healing on one of two subjects chose by the experimenter. Seventeen subsequent trials involved one to three subjects and one to four remote healers. It was not feasible to repeat tests using multiple subjects as it was too difficult to coordinate them. Two more trials were conducted on a radio show called ‘Out of Time’ in Hot Springs, Arkansas. On this show the author invited the listening audience to attempt remote healing on a subject sitting next to him. There were two main subjects who where involved in most of the trials.


In the first trial, one of the three Biofield Meters rotated more than 720 degrees, (more than 2 complete rotations). Later phone communication showed that this was the subject chosen for the healing attempt. The subject did not report any sensations or feelings at the time of the attempted healing or on the following days.

In seventeen out of twenty trials, the Biofield Meter showed deflections from about 3 degrees to four full turns (1440 degrees) around the subject chosen for healing. These seventeen included the trials involving the radio show audience.
No obvious ‘healing’ effects or sensations were observed by one of the two main subjects. The other subject felt sensations four times which resulted in some healing one time. In three trials where it was offered the remote healers correctly identified problem areas for one subject.


In the 1980’s, the author’s initial observations of biofield amplitude used a different version of the Biofield Meter (heavier with more magnets) and showed rotations of only a few degrees. In this experiment the maximum observed was 1440 degrees. The lighter version of the Biofield Meter used in this experiment may be more sensitive than the heavier version.

This experiment shows remote healing at distances of up to 3,000 miles can be indicated by the Biofield Meter. However, the foregoing results need to be replicated with trials in which Biofield Meter rotations are measured more accurately. A scale or rotation counter, perhaps measured in 1/8 rotations would improve measurement.

Another factor to take into account would be the subjects own intrinsic biofield. A control measurement could be made where the subject would sit quietly for at least 5 minutes to allow the Biofield Meter to come to rest. In addition, it would be better to schedule experiments at times of quiet solar / geomagnetic field activity. This can now be predicted to about 70% accuracy. Solar flares can be predicted even more accurately.

Russian Scientists apparently discovered a similar force to that which is measured by the Biofield Meter. They called it a ‘Torsion field’ and did not notice that it was present around living organisms. One Russian researcher found possible evidence that torsion fields appear to propagate significantly faster than the speed of light. He designed a device which could detect the Torsion Field from stars and found that the effect was larger when he pointed his device at the place where the star would be today rather than where it was when the light left the star some time ago. This possible high velocity of spin field could be a factor in healing at a distance.

Theoretical revisions may need to be made as a result of this discovery, if it is verified. If the spin field travels much faster than light, this will require a slight revision in the explanations of electron spin experiments which have puzzled physicists for many years. Since the presence of a rotational force or torsion field can be easily verified by anyone in an hour or two by using a Biofield Meter, an expansion of some physics theories may be required.

From the results of this experiment, one can hypothesize that healers have a much greater influence on the biofield than other effects, such as phase of the moon, solar storms, the proximity of some planets, vitality of the subject, or willful intention of the subject (psychokinesis). Many studies can be made both on the biofield and on remote healing.

This experiment did not distinguish between non-healers (the radio audience) who focused on the subject or people who identified themselves as remote healers. One future study could be on the ability of an individual to affect the biofield of the subject simply by focusing their thought on the subject, without attempting to heal.


In summary this pilot study shows the ability of a simple instrument to detect spin force around humans and opens up a large variety of speculations and possible experiments. Several future studies should be conducted to expand this new area of research.


I would like to give many thanks to all the healers and subjects who freely donated their time and services to this project.


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