Adrian Cooper has published an article on Mind Power News where he describes the process of manifestation – creating whatever you desire.

Adrian reminds that you can be whatever you choose to be. Yet he first suggests meditating on the desire to decide if that’s something that you really want. If you decide that you really want to bring something into your life, he suggests a five steps approach. The steps are:

  1. Know your desire.
  2. Ask for your desire.
  3. Experience your desire.
  4. Action towards your desire.
  5. Gratitude for your desire.


For a more complete description of the steps, read the original article.

Once again, these suggestions are very known to people dealing with personal development. It is somewhat similar to the previous article of creating luck. Brain Tracy wrote about these steps. Meditation techniques of Jose Silva use similar pattern as well.

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Original article "The Simple Process of Creating Whatever You Desire".