I often wondered how do psychic people feel about being psychic. I wanted to understand how it affects their lives. I think the blog post from Craig Weiler, What Is It Like To Be Psychic?, and the comments to this post from other psychics make a good introduction into this topic.

I’d love to quote some excerpts from the post and the comments but I suggest you also go and read the whole piece.

I have trouble imagining what it would be like to not be psychic. When I have tried to do this, it comes across as condescending towards other people, which is not my intent. On the other hand, I have a duty to tell the truth, which is this: not being psychic feels like a cold barren place to me. I do not understand how people can live this way without going insane from the torture of being cut off from the feeling of connectedness. It feels horrible to me when I imagine it.

I’m not sure what to think about it. Certainly most of us, “regulars” don’t got insane but apparently we miss quite a lot. Below are a couple of examples of this connectedness, as I see it. The first one is personal about him.

…In fact, nothing terrible is ever going to happen to me; I know instinctively that this is not in my future… The main reason that nothing terrible will ever happen to me is that I can sense bad paths in my life in the areas of health and relationship and steer clear of them long before they cause me damage.

The second one is about other people.

I can see things through other people’s perception, provided that they are not too screwed up, although this is always my perception seeing theirs, so there is some translation going on.

Craig also explains in the post how he perceives information and what he has to do and not do to access it. He concludes with the notion of “connectedness”, which is something that many sensitive or enlightened people report.

And of course, there is the connectedness. There is a sense of belonging to something vast, something much greater than myself that completely transcends my individual life. All I can say is that it is truly beautiful.

The comments also have some interesting points of view in them. For example, the first comment starts with a rather surprising statement: “Most of the time, I just say it’s boring.” Or consider the following several excerpts from the comments:

For me, being highly sensitive can be fun when toying with people. On the flip side, it is a frightening state knowing an event will happen and not being able to stop it, find it, warn or avoid it. But worse is when it involves other people. A feeling of helplessness and dread dominate until the event passes…

A long, interesting, comment opens with the following:

I know or see things ahead of the news pretty frequently. I saw (in my head) the tsunami in Japan as it was happening. It looked like the end of the world.

Psychics can feel disconnected from society too and some of them mention the hostility that they meet because they’re psychic:

I also have to read online that I “don’t exist.”. “Psychics are not real”, is what people say all the time. “They will take your money and make a fool of you”, say the skeptics. “They are delusional,” others say.

There are much more gems in the comments. It seems that people were touched by Craig’s post and other psychics allowed themselves to open their hearts and their virtual mouths.

Go read it all.