Do you find it hard to smile when you’re feeling bad? Do you slouch when you’re tired or feeling ill?

I believe you do. The reason for this is simple: The body mirrors your mind, your current state of being, your mental state. Most people will answer positively to the above questions. This is a known connection. It is natural. We all behave this way.

Now I’m going to ask you a different question:

Do you smile to make yourself to feel better?

People generally don’t realize that the body-mind connection is going both ways. It is not only the body that gets affected by the state of mind but also the body can make a profound effect on your mind. Ok, so you might have noticed that doing some sports activity, like going to a gym or even simple walk in the streets or morning exercises (like these, for example) can really pour positive energy into you. But do you only do it when you feel yourself well?

Study shows that when you force your body to behave healthy, you will cause your mind to heal itself and your body. A russian researcher of uzbek origin Mirzakarim Norbekov has developed a whole self-healing system around the concept. He has written books on this subject and founded an institution ion Moscow to teach the people. Using his system people could successfully heal their eyesight, for example, from nearsightedness. His first book was written on the subject an became very successful.

The basics of the system are as follows:

Force yourself to stand straight, force yourself to smile and in this state of mind perform some exercises to heal the eyesight, for example. Many people succeeded in overcoming bad eyesight, even astigmatism, using this approach.

So, next time you fell a little depressed or ill, force yourself to walk straight, hold the head up, with a light smile on your face, like there’s nothing bothering you. And just maybe it will be this way.