Many people desire to develop their own ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception). Yet most people think that you have to be born psychic to have ESP abilities, that you can’t develop them on your own. Of course, being born with special abilities could be a big benefit, but since you want to develop them, most certainly you think that you don’t possess them now.

The truth is that ESP can be developed. I know people who learned to possess some aspects of ESP over their life through several techniques. I’m on that course myself, having a bit of progress over the last couple of years.

 I want to show you several ways that you could you use to develop your ESP abilities:

Way 1: Study with a teacher 

This is probably the best solution but it has its difficulties. First, you have to find the correct teacher. You have to be sure of his abilities both in ESP and in teaching. This can be a hard task, if you don’t know anyone. The good about this approach is that if you find a good teacher he’ll be able to guide you faster and give better feedback. Of course, this usually costs money but we’re not talking about this here. Finding a teacher is especially important if you want to develop your healing abilities, since there’s a lot to learn about healing, if you don’t want to harm yourself or your patients when you do the healing.
 Most peple I know find a teacher in healing after they have used the services of the healer and wanted to learn to help them and their relatives by themselves. At least this was my way and of most of the students of my teacher.

Way 2: Study by yourself

For all those who can’t or don’t want to study with a teacher, there are a lot of ways you could study yourself. It can be slower and wil require a large commitment and persistence on your side. You have to be passionate about it or you’ll be dissappointed too fast.
The very first thing you have to decide is what exactly do you want to accomplish in your study: is it feeling human biofield and energy, or is it remote viewing, or healing etc. Some abilities are more difficult than others.

Anyway, together with all this it’s almost required that you develop yourself in meditation.
Meditation is the basis of developing most mental activites and gaining control over your mind. Moreover, several meditation techniques will actually help you develop these extraordinary abilties.
There are many schools of meditations. The eastern schools are the source and you might want to practice yoga and buddist meditation to start your path. To the more impatient people I would recommend going to Jose Silva Mind Control courses. These courses teach in a fast way how to use more of your mind, use the subconsciousness in an effective way and also develop in meditation and ESP abilities. These courses are very popular and can have a very positive effect on your growth as a person.
There are also exercises and techniques to develop the ESP by yourself.

In the following articles I will start to give exercises to improve your abilities to sense the life force energy and the biofield of others.

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