The interest around the nepalese boy now meditating for 9 months is continuing under the pipal tree still continues. If you have not been following, read the following posts:

Apparently, the 16-year boy still continues his meditation. It’s still stated that he doesn’t eat or drink. He has got thinner and his hair grew long, but he seemed to not be affected by the cold of the winter. On November 14, a team of health workers examined him for 30 minutes. During that time, the boy only breathed 3 times, swallowed his saliva and moved his eyelashes. That’s very slow breathing indeed.

It is still frustrating, though, that no more medical examination seemed to take place. It’s been almost 3 months since that one in November.

On one of the internet blogs a user who visited the site posted a comment:

I have visited the Ram Bd. Bamjan meditation site, which is easily accessible now. Thousands of people visit the site everyday.

People have their own judgement and opinion about it and is justified. Some take him as the new buddha and pray to him. Some are curious and inquisitive and wants to know first, how it is possible for the boy to survive without food and water. Some are plain doubtful without any explanation.

Whatever, your opinion or belief, the boy is meditating under the tree. No one has seen him eating or drinking since he started meditating. Reporters in Nepal, have spent 48 hours continuously and didn’t see any eating or even going to the toilet. Of course, there is no scientic testing with them.

I think we have to keep in mind the saying “all the people can be fooled some time, some people can be fooled all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time” Till then, let the boy meditate and if you are seriouly interested, you can come to Nepal and investigate.

I spend two hours there and left with a feeling of, how can a human being stay like that without any food and water, but the boy is real and felt a sense of peace and tranquality.

I will continue to update on this interesting matter.

Latest update: The nepalese meditating ‘Buddha’ boy has disappeared