My attention was recently pulled by another healing technique. The technique is called ‘Spiritual Surgery‘ or now trademarked as ‘Zenna healing‘. This technique seems to be originated in New Zealand and Australia, established by Brian Cattermole.

Originally, Spiritual Surgery was described by Barbara Ann Brennan in her great book ‘Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field‘, which is really a must have book for any energy healer. It describes a process when spiritual beings perform the healing on a patient through the healer’s energy field. The healing is performed as an operation on an energy level, where the whole body is mirrored. This way, the operation which takes place on the level propagates into the physical body. Brian started with the explanation by Barbara Brennan and transformed it into a more elaborate technique.

This type of healing does not involve channeling energy from a higher source into the patient. You do not perform the healing. Instead, the healing is provided by spiritual entities who were trained to perform these operations.

Brian Cattermole provides workshop teaching and also a correspondence course for people who can’t arrive into New Zealand. He also trademarked the Zenna name, which is his process of performing the Spiritual Surgery.

A basic manual for Spiritual Surgery is available online on his site. Here some points from it:

  • It is extremely easy to learn.
  • You can work on children, animals, the elderly, yourself, and people at a distance (remote healing).
  • The speed of a Spiritual Surgery healing is typically 10 x as fast as a physical surgeon – for the same type of operation.
  • Spiritual Surgery works at the “Etheric Template” or 5th auric level. Alterations at that level eventually create changes at the physical level. Often, this happens instantly.
  • At the heart of this process are Spirit Entities called “Spirit Tecnicians”. In most cases they are just ordinary people who previously lived on the planet, but now reside in a different plane of existence. Again, in most cases they are just ordinary folk, such as farmers, gypsies, lion tamers, mothers and merchant bankers. Occasionally, a doctor or nurse would make themselves available. On even rarer occasions, a hospital surgeon comes forward.
  • Learning this process is incredibly easy. There are only a few commonsense rules to follow. If you follow these instructions carefully, you should be up and running by the end of this primer:

Overall, the whole technique is not related to any specific religion. It does not involve prayers or similar activities. The healing is done by laying hand on the patient and calling the spiritual entities to do their work.

Another source of Spiritual Surgery is from Roger Miles & Suzanne Stallard from Way of the Heart. They sell a CD and also provide workshops for the training on the technique.


Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field