As I learn more about healing and as I meet more people who are healers or otherwise spiritually awakened, it occurs to me that many of them are vegetarians.

My first parapsychology teacher was a practicing healer for many years and haven’t eat meat for almost 30 years. While studying parapsychology and healing with her she stated that eating meat blocks the energy flow through the third chakra (which is responsible for digestion) and otherwise stands in the path of healer. I have got influenced from her at that time and abstained from eating meat for a period of several weeks. Later I returned, but have nevertheless reduced the amount and the type of meat that I consume. I must confess that eating less meat and more vegetables indeed helps me feel less tired after lunch, as digesting meat drains energy from the body.

Reading about the vegetarianism I find that 70% percent of world’s vegetarians are living in India. Apparently, Hinduism and other related religions propose vegetarian diet as an ideal one for spiritual growth. In the west world, many people are vegetarians because of other reasons, such as humanity, etc. Yet, many healers in the west refrain from eating meat as well.

I have asked Erin Pavlina a question about this. Erin is both a vegan and a psychic. Her husband is vegan as well. Erin runs a blog at She has answered my question in her latest post: The Connection Between Psychic Abilities and Being Vegan. Her answer confirmed me that the connection exists.