Healers and other people who do energy work advice performing energy grounding. Grounding reconnects your body energy with the energy of the earth. This is a good practice for non-healers as well, since it allows you to refresh your energy.

Some background first. The human energy field has two ‘openings’ for energy. These opening are through the first chakra (also called root chakra, or Muladhara) and through the seventh (crown chakra, Sahasrara). The Muladhara connects the body to the earth energy, while the Sahasrara allows cosmic energy to flow in. It important for both these chakras to be open for the energy to flow properly in your body.

Today I’ll explain grounding exercise which strengthens one’s connection to the earth energy and to the cosmos.

Grounding Exercise instructions:

  1. Remove your footwear and stand up. Close your eyes.
  2. Use abdominal breathing. Breath in with your nose and breath out through your mouth. Try to hold your attention to the Hara point, which is about 4cm below the navel.
  3. Recall a real tree. Now you are the tree. Imagine that from the waist line below are your roots and above are the trunk and the leaves.
  4. Visualize as your roots grow down from your feet and go deep into the ground. If you have difficulty ‘growing’ your roots, think of people who need your forgiveness and forgive them in your mind and ask them to forgive you.
  5. Now shift your attention onto your trunk and leaves. Try to feel if you are closed to energy from above. You might feel heaviness on your head or feel like a plate above your head is pushing on you.
  6. With your intent, lift this plate or crush it, lift the heaviness off your head. You need to feel the blocks removed from your head. Hold your attention on the Hara center all the time, though.
  7. After you’ve successfully removed all the blocks from your head and have grown ‘root’, imagine breathing in from your root up the body and breathing out from your leaves downwards into the ground. (You still breath with your mouth, of course, but try to visualize the energy flowing in the directions described)

It might feel difficult at first growing your roots deeply. Repeat the exercise daily and, with practice, you’ll be able to perform it better each time. Good luck!