Update:The following site has now been changed to a totally different site and is unrelated to the previous website about which I write below in any way.

One of my favorite websites, http://www.quantumbiocommunication.com (Update: doesn’t exist anymore), posted an article about telepathy in identical twins. The article points to 2 experiments that took place in the last couple of years to verify telepathy.

In both experiments the twins, children, were separated into different spaces. One was wired to a ‘lie detector’ machine (the receiver end of telepathy link), while the other was used as the source of the link. The ‘receiver‘ or the lie-detector machine operator weren’t aware of what will be the stimulus for the ‘transmitter‘.

The transmitting children were taken to another room where they were subjected to strong feelings. In one case, a child submerged his hand into ice-cold water. On another time he was being frightened by a sudden rubber snake coming at him. At both of these moments, spikes were recorded in the ‘receiving’ twin brother. A similar experiment was performed with another pair of twins at another time.

Although both of these experiments were filmed for a TV show and were not under strict scientific conditions, it seems that the overall setup was adequate and the chances of them being a coincidence are just in one in a billions range.

It is overall known that twins and also mothers and their children have stronger telepathy connection that ordinary people. I have had such events in my life and was told of similar experiences from my family members.

Have you ever encountered family telepathy on any level?

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