In the weekend I’ve had some of my friends trying with me two of the Aikido Ki tricks. I must say that I’ve seen surprisingly positive results
with me and with my friends. The tricks we did were the ‘Finger Ring‘ and ‘Unbendable Arm‘.

Doing the exercises was a lot of social fun, so I suggest you doing them, if you have similar minded friends around you.

I first tried the Finger Ring exercise as I thought it to be simpler. In this exercise you attempt to hold you thumb and pointing finger together in a loop, while you friend tries to open the "loop". At first, I tried using simple force. Of course, my friend could open it without much resistance. Next, I tried to imagine that my fingers are indeed a whole ring and relaxed my fingers completely…

To my total disappointment, the fingers were separated with a much lighter force. But instead of getting totally frustrated and drop it once and for all, I’ve decided to give it another try. This time, though, I haven’t relaxed the fingers as much but kept the image of whole ring stronger in my head and applying it to the fingers. The result was that my hold of the ring was stronger when I was using only brute force. So, I’ve got very encouraged of the fast results, after all.

I continued with the ‘Unbendable Arm’ trick. In this trick one holds his hand straight to the front, while the other tried to bend it at the elbow. First, using only force, I didn’t succeeded much at keeping the hand straight. I then performed the ‘trick’ by relaxing the arm’s muscles and visualized it as being very long from the shoulder to the elbow, as instructed. This time, to my surprise, my friend really couldn’t bend it, although I’ve been putting much less muscle power. We were both amazed at how well it worked.

In my opinion, though, the Finger Ring is harder to perform than the Unbendable Arm.

The next day I repeated these Ki tricks with another couple of my friends. I’ve told them about how the tricks work and they have also done them by themselves. Their results were even more pronounced than mine, as the difference between muscle force and mind strength was very large. We’ve really enjoyed doing this.

One of them then showed me another ‘trick’, not related to Aikido, where using a mind in a special manner allowed to move quicker than you usually can. I’ll tell about it the next time, as it is both very easy and delivers mind blowing results.