In today’s post Erin Pavlina has answered the question which she gets asked a lot: "Can anyone be psychic?". Her answer is that yes, anyone can. But it requires spiritual growth and being positive and helpful to others as a goal. I wanted to complement Erin’s answer with my thoughts and experience with this subject.

First, I believe that Erin is right about the fact that anyone can be psychic. The fact is that most people don’t believe it or don’t want it at all in the first place. They are too busy living their own lives, difficult enough without all the added pressure or trying to grow spiritually. It’s just not on their priority list.

Second, I totally agree that whoever was not born with the abilities but wants to develop them, a great deal of determination and a lot learning and practice is the way to go. Read books but practice what’s in the books. My advice though, is if you can afford it, take courses and workshops on the subjects. There are lots of classes that could be taken, especially in the field of healing. There are myriad of courses being taught on these subjects. In my waiting list right now there are 3 courses that I plan to take in the coming months.

Taking courses brings several benefits:

  1. The atmosphere usually gets you in the right mood for learning and experiencing these kind of things.
  2. Good courses provide practice time where your technique is being monitored and mentored by the instructor. You can’t have this with a book and self-practice.
  3. You get to know people who you can talk to about the subject, share experiences and knowledge.
  4. The money you pay ‘encourages’ you to take the material and the practice more seriously than it would have been if you’ve taken the course free, or just paid a little sum for a book.

I know I wasn’t born psychic. I also wouldn’t tell that I’m psychic now. The kind of psychic experiences that Erin is talking are more related to ‘Connecting to the Source’ as she puts it. It’s about clairvoyance and otherwise ability to get information remotely or beyond the usual five senses.

But I know people, and myself included here, who’ve taken the path to learn and progress in this field. Being more interested currently in the field of healing I naturally know more people who are healers or learning to be ones. I’m learning to sense the life force energy (the Chi) and I can now sense it between my hands and occasionally feeling it around other people. I’m learning to control its flow and direct it to heal. I’m doing experiments with other sensitive people to get positive feedback on my abilities.

So I know that it is possible to increase one’s abilities beyond the five senses using dedication to practice and constant desire to evolve. Just decide that this is what you want, invest the time and the money that it requires and get on your way to discover the amazing possibilities that lie beyond the five senses.

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