I want to describe some personal experience I’ve had in the last week regarding feeling energy with the hands and some high sensitivity.

In the weekend I’ve met with my friends. They are a couple and the girl finishes her study of chinese medicine. In addition to the lessons she also takes Qi-Gong classes. In the Qi-Gong she learns to collect energy and to feel it, among other things.

I’ve told them about the exercise which I explained in the article "Developing ESP – First steps". She’s got interested, since she hadn’t done much experimenting with the abilities that it may provide.

On our previous meeting we could clearly sense each other’s energy fields. I could feel the biofield around her from a distance of about a foot, while she could tell me when I entered her field. We could feel it almost simultaneously. It was pretty amazing.

So, this time I’ve decided to do some more experiments with her. After we’ve met, we first performed several exercises to increase our energy flow, since we were a bit cold. We’ve done the 1 minute exercises which I’ve explained to her and did some work with feeling the energy between the palms of the hands, under her instructions. Than the three of us set around a wooden table.

We’ve started the experiments with trying to feel the edge of the table, as I explained in a previous article. That was very easy for all of us, so we fast jumped to the next step.

This time I’ve asked her to bring some stuff which we would try to feel with our hands. She’s brought some dried flowers and similar stuff that’s used for decoration. We’ve taken some small sticks, about 3 inches long and half an inch in diameter. The goal of this exercise is to feel the stick when it’s on the table. So, first we held our hands above the stick for some time to learn the feeling. Then, one would close his eyes and ears and someone else puts the stick somewhere in front of him on the table.

For example, she closed closed her eyes and I’ve put the stick on the table. She would then hover her hand over the table trying to feel where I’ve put the stick. Then, when she thinks that she’s found the place, she puts the hand down, hopefully on the stick.

I must say that we’ve done this experiment more than 10 times, the three of us. At the beginning the results very astonishing, as we all have succeeded to correctly feel the location of the stick on the table several times straight. We then tried some more difficult things, like trying to "feel" the color of the stick and to differentiate it from other things that she brought. But these are more advanced and were only partially successful. After less than an hour we’ve got very exhausted and the hands became less capable of feeling. So we left things for the next time…

My conclusion of our exercises was that it is very realistic to develop the sensitivity in hands. We’ve all experienced it first hand and very vividly. As another benefit of all the energy work that I’ve been doing with her and at home my abilities to sense Chi energy between my hands and around other people have been dramatically increased. Regular exercises increase the ability and the flow of energy through the body. I can now merely put my palms one against the other on a distance of one feet or more and feel some repelling force between them. If I waggle the fingers on my right hand, I feel the it on the left and similar stuff. It is really encouraging and spirit lifting to notice the progress I’ve made over the last year.

Hopefully, with exercise, you’ll be able to develop your sensitivity above its current level. I sincerely hope so.

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