I’m a big fan of the Jose Silva Mind Control Method. I’ve done a course of Mind Control technique and found it to be both easy enough and helpful. In my experience I found it especially helpful in the solving of personal health problems, both of physical nature and mental. I’ve bought the book a little before I started the course, so my knowledge of Jose Silva’s technique was very limited before that time.

Jose Silva Mind Control Method and the Jose Silva Ultramind program have a long list of practical uses, ranging from various health issues and finishing with business success, going through Remote Viewing and ESP. This particular book “You the healer” deals with teaching the techniques to be used in healing, both of yourself and of anyone else.

The book is built as a tutorial and it doesn’t require any previous knowledge or experience in the Jose Silva technique or any other. It consists of 53 chapters, 40 of which are supposed to be read by one each day. These forty chapters will take the reader through the needed practice to master the techniques present in the book. The remaining chapter present specialized techniques for some specific problems, such as insomnia, pain, depression, back problems and more.

The book includes quite a lot of healing stories using the Jose Silva’s method. These are supposed to broaden your perspective on the possibilities of the system and increase reader’s belief. Some of the stories are quite miraculous, just as you’d expect them to be.

The tutorial part first teaches the reader about the uniqueness of the system, which is using the alpha state of mind. Alpha state is the state of lowered brain wave activity. People are usually in the alpha state when daydreaming or just before sleeping state. This state allows connecting the conscious and subconscious minds to utilize them for programming, healing, ESP etc. The problem is that most people don’t know how to enter alpha state consciously. Another problem is to remain in control of yourself during this time and not fall into the lower theta level, which is sleeping. The instructions in the book will help the reader to gradually master entering and working in the alpha state.

Note, that this is the most basic requirement of using the Jose Silva’s technique well in all of its aspects and not only for healing.

The book also deals with the psychological aspect of healing, such as Desire, Expectation and Belief, which is also a key aspect of the ability to use the system. Look at my article “Belief levels and the path of a healer” for my thoughts on the connection between belief and ESP abilities.

The book will teach you how to overcome stress, eliminate negative thoughts, stop unwanted habits, gain a peace of mind. It will explain how to heal others, even over a distance.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, who never learned Jose Silva’s method before as it is provides good introduction and basis for more advanced uses. It is easy to read and practical. It doesn’t require very high levels of belief for most of its uses, since it doesn’t deal much with the issue of energy or more esoteric issues. Jose Silva scientifically researched his technique and it is based on scientific facts on how the brain operates. Worth every dollar (or whatever your local currency might be).

You can read more readers’ reviews of the book on the amazon site: You the Healer: The World-Famous Silva Method on How to Heal Yourself and Others


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