Most alternative healing modalities are based either on life-force energy or some natural products, such as herbs or homeopathic medicine. Not many alternative healing modalities are based on some scientific research and technological advancement.

Here I’d like to present two interesting healing aids that are based on maths and a scientific research. One of them originates in Russia while the other is from Canada. I’ve known about the russian products for a while now but only recently came upon the canadian site and what struck is a basic similarity of the products, although I find the russian variant more advanced (and more expensive).

The two product groups are based on some private research as to how energy works and how some geometrical shapes can be used in order to modify the properties of the energy to help the people.

The russian method is lead by “AIRES NEW MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES FOUNDATION”. That’s how the site describes the foundation:

The AIRES New Medical Technologies Foundation is a non-profit organization established by individuals in 1998 on the basis of voluntary material contributions for the purpose of public benefit. The basis was the scientific technical research carried out in 1991-98 and creation of the concept of the Universal Theory of Space and consequently the principles of structural correction of matter of any type. The structure of the Foundation includes a research center, a medical and biological center and an editorial publishing department. The main activity field of the Foundation is integrating the R&D potential to promote public health development, science and culture, and environment protection.

The site of the foundation is large and it contains a lot of research papers in PDF format. These files contain a lot of the scientific research that was done before the the products using the technology were introduced.

One of the basic products of the AIRES are The «AIRES» Matrix Applicators. Here’s a description from their site:

Matrix resonators AIRES (MRA) are capable of producing the antiphlogistic effect, reducing pain, edemata; speedup the cure of the traumatic injuries including fractures. The healing progresses without coarse scars and hyperpigmentation. Using MRA for 1-3 weeks causes normalization of electroencephalographic, electrocardiographic, biochemical, immune and other parameters in patients. Also the improvement of capacity for work, concentration of attention, improvement of memory and reduction of the anxiety was reported.

These matrix applicators are available in numerous forms, such as printed on paper or plastic and down to microscopic level on microchips. I’ve heard people of positive results in using these applicators to reduce local pain, for the start.

The canadian system is based on a research by one man: Cory Herter. On his website, New Wave Technology, a lot of information can be obtained, such as the free books that he wrote that describe some of the science behind his products. Here’s an introduction text from the site:

New Wave Technology is a leading edge Research and Development company that promotes and creates a wide variety of applications that harness the functional uses of vibrational energy technology. Ground breaking discoveries in physics and mathematics have unveiled a system of vibration that can be used to harness the quantum architecture of nature. Instead of trying to understand and harness the complex and dynamic layers of reality that creates our overall experience of life which has eluded hundreds of thousands of scientists for hundreds of years. This system of vibration gives us a new angle that will allow us to use this same quantum computing system of nature to create the overall experience that we choose. Vibration is the mathematical system that harnesses the quantum universe to produce the type of reality, internal and external, that we want to experience.

The company only has two products: one is a book, which is available for free and the other is the “Perfect Wave Programmer”, which is the result of his research. The Perfect Wave Programmer is described as follows on his site:

The Perfect Wave Programmer is a 2-dimensional surface that stores mathematical equations which produce The Perfect Wave. This cutting edge technology incorporates and proves the existence of major aspects of theoretical physics that includes but is not limited to super string theory and 2-d branes. The Perfect Wave Programmer is the result of over 60,000 hours over a period of 12 years to map out the system of mathematics and physics that identifies and predicts the physical and psychological effects that different equations will produce.

Note, that the Perfect Wave Programmers are also a pattern printed on a sheet of plastic for durability. Some of its uses are similar to the russian AIRES matrix.
Cory Herter also promotes a new healing modality that he’s developed. He calls it “chironium healing”. He provides a free e-book on his site, where it is described. It is actually pretty simple to perform but also seems to be limited to certain types of ailments. It uses a breathing technique and some touching technique to do its work. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say anything for or against it.

One of the things that struck me some similarity between the AIRES matrix and the Perfect Wave Programmers. Although the basic pattern is different, it somehow gives me a similar feeling. The AIRES pattern seems to be more complex, though.
Below are two images, one representing the AIRES matrix and the other the Perfect Wave Programmer. The actual AIRES matrix doesn’t look like this. The image is a building block for the matrix, which looks much denser and consists of multiples of the image below.

Hopefully, scientific research will continue in the direction of using its progress to help humanity better.

AIRES basic pattern
Perfect Wave Generator pattern