Burt Goldman, a leading lector of the Jose Silva’s Mind Control Method, has an article on his site about the Power of Belief. This article is a good read for anyone who wants some introduction into the power of belief.

In the beginning of the article he presents some astonishing examples from work by Deirdre Davis Brigham ‘Imagery for Getting Well’:

She notes that in cases of multiple personality it is not uncommon for one personality to have diabetes, and a second or third personality, of the same person, who displays a normal production of insulin and blood sugar showing no signs of the disease at all. Another case noted is that of personality number one who had a case of the flu with all its attending symptoms, difficulty in breathing, congested chest, running nose, and laryngitis. When personality number two came out all the symptoms disappeared in just about

six seconds

. No congestion, no running nose, no symptoms of the flu. Same body, two different beliefs.

Burt then goes on and explains how the beliefs of a person about a food that he believes to be bad for him triggers the mind and body to treat so that it has bad effect on the body. I support this, as I’ve noted myself that sometimes when I thought that a kind of food would cause stomach ache, it would. But then, when I affirmed to myself, before eating, that it would not affect me badly as before, all was well.

So, Brut suggests that beliefs should be identified and then worked on in order to overcome negative beliefs.

In a second part of the article, he tells about the experiments by Cleve Backster, who performed experiments with plants and with human body cells, where he would attach them to a lie-detector machine and then recorded unusual activity in them when he had harmful intent for the plant or the man from whom the cells were taken from. That showed that plants and cells have some telepathy at the cell level. This fact also strengthens the process by which belief affects the body.