Life after death, or afterlife, is something that people in history of the world took for granted. With the advancement of science and atheism, this belief has been replaced by the materialistic world view which explains that death is the end.

I’m not a historian, neither am I an anthropologist, but I assume that even today more people in the world believe in some kind of afterlife. Yes, these are mostly people following some kind of religion, and thus their belief in afterlife is just that – a belief.

Being more scientifically inclined, and not being raised in a religious family, I’m not taking the claims brought by them at face value. Instead, I’m searching for more substantial evidence.

So what kinds of evidence are there for the afterlife? Well, there’s mediumship, and various related phenomena like automatic writing, for example. I have no personal experience with this, and reading about seances doesn’t sound convincing enough for me. I do have a relative who had a strongly convincing experience with a medium, but I wasn’t there and don’t know all the details, so this doesn’t count either.

Best Evidence for Afterlife

Another well-known claim in favour of afterlife is brought forth by Near-Death Experiences (NDE). I assume most people heard of it. There are some very compelling, or at least interesting NDE accounts. And there are very many of them. Some studies were and are being conducted on this topic. In general, NDEs do appear to suggest some kind of continuation of consciousness after bodily death. But what could be even more compelling?

“Death-Bed Visions” is another contender. I don’t think it’s an established acronym. Don’t know why, it has three letter after all. Probably not that known. Anyway, a new term for this was coined by Raymond Moody, the famous author of “Life after Life” — Shared NDEs. Shared NDEs is when a non-dying person is experiencing the passing away of another one, close to him, physically or emotionally. These are interesting in that they happen not to people who are dying themselves, i.e. their bodies are not malfunctioning. There is a recent article about this, published on CNN, Beyond Goodbye.

Is there some kind of an even more objective evidence for the afterlife? Well, there might just be. And it even has a 3-letter acronym – EVP. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It’s usually a recording of some words or phrases on analog or digital voice recorders that have no other technical explanations and are usually related to the people who record them. They often even sound close to the (deceased) persons from whom they appear to be coming, both in the sound of voice and in choice of words and phrases. They are also often relevant or otherwise specific. Oh, in rare cases there are even photographic phenomena, although these do not seem to be the focus of most researchers.

EVP, being more technological and objective, looks like one the stronger candidates to me. There are not just stories, there are recordings which you can here.

Next time, I’ll link to some interesting resources on EVP.

What is the best kind of evidence for the existence of afterlife for you?