The Mind Power News site reports about a research in University of Texas, led by Dr. Lorenzo Cohen of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. In the published report Dr. Cohen and his colleagues state that “cancer patients who participated in a Tibetan yoga course noticed improvements in their sleep patterns.“.

I haven’t done Yoga but have been performing the 5 Tibetan rites from the Peter Kelder’s book "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth". I have found the exercises help a lot to calm the mind and therefore affect everyday activity.

I also know of at least 2 people, beside myself, who have found the Jose Silva Method to help them fight insomnia and to actually regain the ability to fall asleep. The meditation technique of the Jose Silva method is easy to learn and it allows quick switch of the mind into the alpha state.

Being able to enter the alpha state at will is vital to falling asleep, since the alpha state itself is halfway to theta where we pass to the sleep. Learning the Jose Silva Mind Control Method allows you to control your mind and lead it to lower activity with later continuation to a full sleep. A close woman I know have found it to be the only solution that allows her to be able to fall asleep after months of insomnia after a very stressful event. She has told me that learning the Method was worth the money, if only for this benefit alone.

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