A reader of an entry on the nepalese meditating boy commented on the issue of living without food or water. It is claimed that the boy, while meditating for about 9 months, did not drink, eat or go to bathroom the entire time. The commenter left a link to a BBC article about another indian man, Prahlad Jani, who is said to be living decades without eating or drinking. The thing is, this man was examined by doctors and experts to verify those claims.

Prahlad Jani is over 70 years old and he claims to have been blessed by a goddess at the age of 8. He has passed a 10 days examination in Sterling Hospital, in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

During that time, he did not consume anything and “neither did he pass urine or stool”, according to the hospital’s deputy superintendent, Dr Dinesh Desai.

Yet he is in fine mental and physical fettle, say doctors…

He spent his 10 days in hospital in a specially prepared room, with a sealed-off toilet and constant video surveillance.

To help the doctors verify his claims, Mr Jani agreed to avoid bathing for his time in hospital.

The only fluid he was allowed was a small amount of water, to use as mouthwash.

One hundred milliliters of water were given to him, and then collected and measured in a beaker when he spat it out, to make sure none had been drunk.

So, it appears that some people are capable of living without water and so it is quite possible that the meditating boy in Nepal was the real thing and did not eat or drink as it was claimed.


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