A man by the name Vincent Paradis has written several parapsychology articles in his site, mostly related to telepathy development and research.

One of the articles, named “Psychic Perception and Physiology” tells of several successful scientific experiments that show that telepathy exists, even if on subconcious level. Using EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraph) to monitor brainwave activity showed signs of telepathy in a simple experiment that he had performed.

Other experiments in the article are excerpts from books on the subject, where experiments were used to show that telepathy occurs even when the receiver of the message is dreaming.

Here’s a quote from his experiment:

"The result of these few experiments indicated that the perceiver’s relaxed Alpha state shifted momentarily into higher frequency activity known as Beta before returning back to Alpha activity when the picked card was called out. This indicated that the perceiver has sensed the number the sender was thinking about."

Interesting to note, that in this case the receiver was in the Alpha state (brain activity is lower than normal). This alpha state is halfway from being totally awake to being asleep and can be achieved using meditation or by using Jose Silva mind control methods.

For those unfamiliar with Jose Silva’s technique, here a short introduction:

Jose Silva (1914-1999) was a parapsychologist researcher. His researched led him to recognise that people are more receptive to ESP in the relaxed state of mind, when the brainwaves are slower (alpha state). He then developed a whole system that utilizes this alpha state and allows people to achieve amazing results, such as healing self and others from illnesses, physical and mental, drop bad habits, remote viewing, programming for success, dropping negative emotions, getting answers for questions needed through the course of life.

Stay tuned for more info on Jose Silva method.