The site (no longer exists) has a forums section and there’s a forum on healing. Looking through the latest posts I’ve came upon a post by a use named angelake in which (s)he describes a healing technique developed personally. The technique is good for local pain relieve or other local problems like stuffy noses.

This technique uses energy coming from the palm of the hands and it can be used on yourself. Moreover, the author proposes performing it on yourself first for practice. Overall, the instructions are very simple and take between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to perform. If it doesn’t help within 2 minutes the technique won’t help for that problem, author says.

My notes are that the technique sounds very easy and might work for some people who have good energy running through their hands. Apparently it doesn’t require any “special” abilities. It reminds me somewhat of the Quantum Touch, but without all the breathing that’s in the core of the QT. I believe that it might be good and work for some people and some problems but a more whole and sophisticated technique, like Quantum Touch, Reiki or some other form of energy healing will work better but, of course, require taking courses and paying money to gain the knowledge. So, if you want to try a free technique for quick pain or discomfort relief, read the instructions and practice.

Quantum Touch healing method