Immrama Institute (now out of business) produced some high-quality brainwave sound programs. I have previously written about the first two Immrama programs: Insight and Focus.

This time I wanted to tell about their Infinity Program. This brainwave audio program is designed to improve one’s intuition and unlock the innovation potential of the listener. Here’s what Immrama Institute wrote about Infinity Program on their site:

Within just a few weeks of listening to the Infinity Program, you’ll:

  1. More easily come up with new and creative ideas, clever solutions and innovative ways to tackle challenges
  2. Quickly discover that the solutions provided by your intuitive mind are the ones that give you the best possible results
  3. Notice a dramatic increase in your self-awareness, and know exactly what you need to do in each situation because your newly enhanced intuition will guide you every step of the way
  4. See the effects spread through all areas of your life – from big life decisions about your career and relationships to the small daily challenges we all face

Immrama Institute Infinity program

As other Immrama audio programs, this one was available in a downloadable MP3 format and has two versions for the background sounds: gentle rain and ocean waves.

UPDATE: Some people asked me for the information on how to use it. Here’s a PDF that I have for the Infinity Program: Click here.

I also have a booklet to the Immrama Insight CDs, which is similar, and I made it available here.