I’m happy to announce the first interview for the Parapsychology articles and blog website!

This interview is with Cynthia Sue Larson, who runs the Reality Shifter website, author of 4 books on reality shifts, aura and spirituality and is a spiritual life coach. The interview was conducted by email, so it’s not a dialog but more of a Q&A.

1. Your site is called Reality Shifters. Could you please explain the concept of Reality Shifts?

Reality shifts are the manifestation of objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting… and changes in the way we experience time. They are sudden, abrupt alterations of physical reality with no apparent physical cause… and I consider them to be the source of synchronicity and also the essence of spontaneous remissions from all kinds of disease. It is possible to consciously shift reality, utilizing an awareness that we are all energetic beings, and we can essentially live this life as a kind of waking, lucid dream in which we are connected and capable of influencing everything around us. We are most influential in this manner when we are fully energized; when our energy field is at its strongest.

2. You are the author of 4 books and one meditation CD. Could you please tell about your books. What will the readers learn from them?

I’m very pleased to announce that the first book I wrote in 1999, “REALITY SHIFTS: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World” has just been released in ebook format! This is the book that describes the concept of reality shifts, along with the physics behind the phenomenon and stories about some of the more astonishing reality shifts I’ve witnessed. Physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (Dr. Quantum in “What the Bleep Do We Know?!“) enthusiastically endorsed REALITY SHIFTS by saying, “I recommend this book for its clarity and for its message of hope. Readers will be encouraged to enjoy reality shifts both literally and in actuality – when they occur – and will be taught how to make them happen more often.

My book “AURA ADVANTAGE: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success,” was written to be the most comprehensive book about our energy fields, describing what auras are, and the ten things they can do for us to make our lives the best they can be. When people think of auras, they often think of pretty colors of light surrounding our bodies… without realizing that our energy fields are extremely vibrant and interactive. They allow us to detect potential danger and opportunity; they allow us to stay healthy; they allow us to manifest what we wish for; they help us send prayers to those we love; they allow us to protect ourselves from harm.

My ebook “Shine With the Aura of Success” is an inspirational book that helps people better understand how their auras influence their lives, with tips about getting and staying energized. This is a short, lively book that contains the distilled essence of what your aura can do for you.

I’ve written a novel, called, “Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver’S Web”, which is a fictional account of a very intuitively gifted young girl who can talk with spirits and animals and who solves a mystery at her summer swim camp. In some ways, this novel is my most candid work, as it draws from some real-life experiences from my life that were too far-out to include in “non-fiction” books. KAREN KIMBALL is the book I wish I’d had when I was growing up, as it provides guidance through some of the challenges that arose when I was growing up, and are definitely big issues for today’s psychic children… yet they are not covered in any other books I’ve seen.

The “Aura Healing Meditations CD” contains three meditations which can be listened to sequentially, and put on repeat for those who need to be re-energized. The first meditation provides the listener with an experience of divine love and healing energy. The second meditation brings the divine energy inside every cell in your body. The third meditation activates inner radiance so that you shine brightly, clearing out all destructive energies. The music was created through collaboration with a composer who understood my intention to provide deep levels of relaxation and energization.

3. Your book “Aura Advantage” deals with the subject of aura. Some reviewers describe it as one of the best books about human aura. Can you see the aura? If yes, how do you perceive it? Do you see and understand aura in the same way as Barbara Ann Brennan describes in her “Hands of Light” book, which many healers consider as the Bible on the subject of energy bodies?

I see the aura with my regular vision when I tune in to it, but for the most part I get information about energy fields through my high sense perceptions, which means I pick up feelings, sensations, knowingness, ideas, images, and impressions. I do see and understand the aura in much the same way as Barbara Ann Brennan describes in her books, although my purpose in working with the aura is primarily to assist people to gain the benefit of a fuller comprehension of all the things our energy fields do for us. I find it very interesting that both Barbara Ann Brennan and myself have degrees in Physics, and both of us have written books about the aura. Clearly, the two of us have much in common! While Brennan teaches people how to see and view the aura and energy healing techniques, my main focus is on helping people understand the way our thoughts and feelings change the physical world, and the many ways that we can work with our energy fields to live more mindful, more conscious, lives.

4. What psychic, ESP or similar abilities do you possess? When and how did you discover or develop them?

I gradually came to realize that many of the subtle perceptions I took for granted as being part of normal, everyday reality are not considered to be normal by most people… as I pointed out things I could see around me when I was a child (such as colors, feelings of energies, and the occasional dark, scuttling things). I noted that when I was alone in nature, I had remarkably clear communication with plants, animals and the weather… and could interact with everything quite naturally. I was delighted one day to note one rainy day when I was very young that I could think, “stop rain” and the rain would instantly stop… and think, “start rain” and the rain would start. I went back and forth starting and stopping the rain, but when I tried to show my mother this wonderful experience, it suddenly and completely stopped working. When I found that most people in my life didn’t talk about or support discussion of psychic/intuitive phenomena, I went “into the closet” with it… until 1994, when I had a spontaneous kundalini experience and a series of epiphanies that completely changed my life.

The kundalini experience shook my body with so much energy that I felt I was on fire, and I was unable to sleep while it was roaring through me. The next evening when I was able to sleep once again, I found myself awakening at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55. This continued for several days, as my high sense perceptions of things just beyond the normal range of perception came to me. Some of these spirits were friendly, and some were not. Some of them could cause very real, observable physical changes to the world in pleasant and unpleasant ways. I had the frightening experiences of seeing invisible-to-the-eye energies throw sticks and stones at the windows of my house, jump on my bed (leaving impressions in the mattress), and more… and I also had the very ecstatic experience of working with angelic beings to clear chaotic energies away, and remind me of my divine true essence.

Most of my spiritual / intuitive / psychic abilities have been developed with the aid of Spirit over my life time, and I’ve taken some regular human classes as well. I utilize a variety of techniques that include: Angel Healing, Animal Communication, Animal Totems, Astral Travel, Aura Healing, Aura Readings, Chakra Balancing, Dream Interpretation, Energy Clearing, Meditation, Negative Entity Removal, Past Lives, Pranic Healing, Prayer, Qi Gong, Reality Selection, Relationship Reading and Healing, Reiki, Remote Viewing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Communication, Tarot Card Reading and Toning.

5. How did you decide to make a living in the field of spirituality?

All my life I’ve had a sense that I would one day be a writer, although when I was very young, that was a thought that terrified me. I did not feel particularly gifted as a writer, and yet I had a tremendous desire to find ways to express the deep truths I felt we can all benefit from. Although I majored in Physics at UC Berkeley, my true love was Consciousness, so I took as many Psychology classes as possible along the way. There was no major in consciousness studies that I was aware of in my college days, so I did the best I could at taking the classes that best fit my interests. My decision to make a living in the field of spirituality came as a direct outcome of my kundalini experience in 1994. During my time of spiritual awakening following the kundalini experience, I realized that my life purpose is that of assessing, informing, and aligning energies. In other words, I am a teacher and a healer, and the only way I will feel fulfilled in my life is to find ways to share my gifts with others.

In 1994, when all these spiritual epiphanies were coming to me, I was rather overwhelmed. I had an MBA degree and a physics degree, and I’d previously worked at Citibank as a project manager; I had prided myself on being practical, cautious, grounded, and scientific. These new metaphysical experiences of lucid dreaming, astral travel, spirit communication, and energy healing were jarring to my sense of self, so my first reaction was to feel concern that I might be losing my mind, and to try to shut all this new information and experience out. I have since come to peace with the fact that I walk with my feet in two worlds… and I have reestablished my sense of self to encompass my spiritual, eternal self living a life in this human body.

Even after coming to terms with an awakened understanding of who I am, I attempted to live “a normal life,” relegating my future spiritual work to the future. When my guides would remind me that I’m a teacher and a healer, I would sometimes respond to them with, “Yes, I know… I’ll get to that some day.” I felt that having my realityshifters web site was enough… that I could just keep procrastinating, and that some day I’d get around to letting people know what else I do (besides write about reality shifts and publish an ezine). Well, I may have thought I could get away with that, but the angelic realms obviously felt otherwise! One week, I got three phone calls to my unlisted phone number from three different women, none of whom I had met before, and all wanting to know if I could do a reading for them. They each asked me, “Do you do readings? My angels told me to call you… that you could help me!” To say this was mind-blowing is an under-statement. I figured they must have found me somehow through the realityshifters site… but when I mentioned that to them, they were amazed, “You mean you have a web site, too?!” I now know that angels are in cahoots with one another, and that when we make commitments to do our spiritual work “some day,” we’ll be held to that promise!

6. Could you tell about your participation in an Institute of Noetic Sciences’ research?

I have spent a couple of days participating in experiments at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), mostly in the capacity of research subject. A friend of mine won a grant to conduct experiments at IONS, so I would talk with him about his project, collaborating a bit on research design. When I participated in recent plant studies conducted at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, I could see the auric field of the plant expand as it responded to IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin, author of numerous scientific research papers investigating various psychic phenomena. The plant reacted each time Radin stroked a tender new leaf, or brought some water for it when its soil was dry. At the same time as the plant’s aura field increased, the ECG-like monitoring equipment displayed a prolonged spike.

The photo of me at IONS on the realityshifters web site shows me in the special isolated room, with Dean Radin. On the day when this photo was taken, I had just asked Dean Radin, “Did something happen recently here in this room? Because I’m feeling really wonderful energy, and seeing some clearly illuminated symbols here.” Dean replied that a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks had visited IONS the day before, and they had spent a great deal of time meditating in the isolation chamber. Dean was excited to learn that I could see the symbols they’d been using to clear the energy in the room. I could also feel a quieter, more contemplative energy in the waiting area just outside the room, and Dean confirmed that before they’d entered the chamber they had prayed together as a group just outside it.

7. What healing modalities do you practice? Is there a favorite?

I really love working with angels when I do healing work, and I prefer to consult with the angelic guides for the person I’m working on healing. This gives me an inside track to knowing what this person most needs right now, and a bit of their history (in terms of what has worked and what hasn’t). I most often utilize the method of healing that’s on the Aura Healing Meditations CD, clearing out energy blockages and helping people learn how they can get and keep a healthy aura. I love learning and teaching, so that as I work with my clients we’re all developing our talents and abilities. Energy work is endlessly fascinating. I find there is constantly more to learn… more to understand… and that just when I think I’ve seen all there is, I find something amazing, wonderful and new!

8. You majored in physics. How do you see the contradictions between the science and your experiences?

I find that metaphysical experiences are not so much contradictory as they are challenging to scientists. Whereas some scientists would prefer to only study what’s easily confirmed, and work according to simplistic assumptions, other scientists are much more interested in finding out what’s really going on. When I was taking Physics classes at UC Berkeley, I loved the quantum physics classes best, since they seemed to indicate the true, wild nature of reality. Quantum physics is requiring that all scientists in every field of science reevaluate assumptions about whether observers affect what they observe (quantum physics points out that they definitely influence results, whereas all current scientific experiments are designed with the assumption that there is such a thing as an “impartial observer”).

My experiences seeing shifts in reality are very much like seeing large-scale quantum effects. Whereas scientists are not surprised to witness quantum tunneling, in which a quantum particle manages to go through something as if it had tunneled right through, some of the old-school scientists find it incomprehensible to imagine that something as big as a person could walk right through a wall. Yet, the kinds of reality shifts I’ve observed indicate that very large objects (bigger than quantum particles) are indeed behaving very much as quantum particles, and at times when there is great coherence (and a person is all vibrating as one unified whole), miraculous things are indeed possible. Other quantum behaviors such as quantum teleportation and particle/wave duality are also observable at the macro level in my experience.

9. Looking at your website I see that you’ve met with some of the most known psychics and parapsychology researchers today, such as Uri Geller, William Tiller, Dean Radin and others. Why don’t these people, who research the psychic abilities in a scientific way, apply for the James Randi’s challenge, not for the money but for the impact it would have on the world? I’ve emailed William Tiller’s organization twice with this question but haven’t received any reply. What are your thoughts on this issue?

In my opinion, the James Randi challenge is not an actual challenge so much as it is a publicity stunt. The only people I know who actually believe that Randi would award anyone the million dollar prize are Randi’s closest supporters. Even members of Randi’s Educational Foundation have expressed extreme reticence to step forward and collect the prize money themselves, even when doing such simple things as sensing energy fields that anyone can easily learn. When I taught some of Randi’s followers how to design and conduct an experiment that would clearly win the million dollar prize that Randi supposedly is offering, they told me that they did not feel they could win the award. As I pursued this matter further, it became obvious that the reason for their reticence is the same as the reason that others are not stepping forward to participate in Randi’s publicity stunt; they do not believe that it is a genuine offer. Essentially, Randi’s challenge is something of a kangaroo court, in which Randi is the one who is judge, jury, bailiff and attorney.

10. Uri Geller is considered to be one the more powerful psychics on earth (at least one the most known), yet he’s also considered by many to be a charlatan. What was your impression of him when meeting in person?

I hand-selected the spoon that I brought for Uri Geller to bend, and I picked it because it was the thickest, sturdiest spoon in my drawer. This was no easy spoon to bend, even by forceful means. When I met Uri Geller, I was impressed that he he held the spoon by the handle and stroked it along the top… so that as it bent, it bent upward, against the force of gravity! At no time was he ever pushing, twisting, or exerting any kind of force. I sensed from meeting Uri Geller that he is an honest man of great integrity.

11. What advice can you give to people standing in the beginning of their spiritual growth path?

Take time to meditate… preferably for at least fifteen minutes every day. There are many different ways to meditate, so if you’ve been avoiding it because “It’s too hard to sit still!” or for some other reason, know that you can find the meditation that works best for you. Some people meditate while walking, others while gardening, some while listening to music… some while paying attention to their breathing and clearing their minds of all thoughts. Those are just a few techniques. Once you know what kind of meditator you are, you can zero in on a method that works well for you! Just combine your favorite way to relax with your favorite way of focusing your attention (such as paying attention to breath, clearing all thoughts, being aware of thoughts, feeling energy flowing through your body).