After a computerless weekend I’m here to announce my second interview. This time the interview is with Larry Plato, who is an expert in the Jose Silva Mind Control and Silva Ultramind systems with more than 30 years of experience. Larry is one of the moderators of the Silva Ultramind group on Yahoo! Groups. This interview was also held by email and is unedited.

1. Can you tell when and how you came to know of the Silva Method and why have you studied it?

I was working as a Locomotive Engineer coming into Port Huron, Michigan. We were staying at the Huron Hotel and there were some classes being held there. I talked with the Instructor during several brakes and found when the next class was being held, and made arrangements to attend.

As to why? All my life I have had strange thing happen and at that time I was looking for answers.

2. What benefits did you experience from the Silva Method in the short term after taking the course?

Better working relationships, My wife had left on 5 April 1974 and taken our 4 children to Houston, Texas. and in the spring of 75 asked for a divorce. I filed and on October 5 of 1975 was granted a divorce and I was given custody of the children. In July I took my eleven year old son to Port Huron and another Silva Class Which was very helpful for me and his mother.

3. How did Silva Method influence your life in the long term?

Being able to pick up thoughts from others. I became certified to teach the Silva relaxation seminars and was verbally authorized by Jose Silva to use the first half of the Basic Lecture series in my relaxation seminars. It made life better by being able to solve problems before they became problems.

4. The Silva Method course promises a lot of benefits for its graduates, starting from personal health benefits, distant healing, carreer and business development and a variaty of other ESP effects, such as remote viewing, ability to influence future events and other people. What of these promises have you found to be true in your personal experience or from your first hand knowledge?

I have been healthy except Jan 1980 I developed tumors throughout my body and went to a Dr (Dr Chadwick of Battle Creek), who ran tests and told me that I would be dead within six month and there was nothing the medical profession could do to heal this. My friend Charley, a Silva graduate and I found research that had been done and found a cure that the medical profession didn’t use. Use Silva Method to cure or find a cure. No judgements, take what comes to you. I have done distant healing’s many times.

5. Was the Silva Method your only/first parapsychology related course? What other parapsychology or healing methods did you study/know/practice and how do you compare them to the Silva Method?

I had some study of Buddhism when I was on Okinawa in the late 50’s and learned to make everything fun. In 1968 someone prayed for me and my smoking habit was gone and I completely forgot about smoking for three days when a neighbor asked for a cigarette and I realized I hadn’t smoked for three days, I had become a heavy drinker (daily) and on new years eve 1970 I realized I had a problem when while at work I went to get up and fell down and crawled to the hand brake and pulled myself up and got into my seat and finished the job The cravings seemed to get worse each day and in march I went to AA in an attempt to find out how to stop the cravings. The third time I was at AA we had a guest who claimed to be a co-founder of AA. He was a fabulous speaker and when the meeting was over he met me at the door and said “I came here to see you, I’ll see you tomorrow.” The next day we were told to take our Engine and cabouse to the scrap yard up town and pull some cars and replace them with empys from the C & O interchange. We got there and the manager told us they wanted us for 1 PM me called the yard office and they told us to wait there and be ready to service the company when they were ready and meanwhile to have coffee and have lunch before they wanted us. About 10 AM I walked across the park by the sports center and on the 17th of March with snow on the ground here was the person from AA setting on a bench reading a newspaper. I talked to him and he told me to overcome the cravings pray as taught in AA 12 steps. I asked how. he said as God is all in all where a chair is there is God where ever anything is there is God. That night at 10 PM I went to bed and sat up leaning aganst the headboard. I went over the Lords prayer thinking of each word in all its meanings. until 4:30 AM and said Lord if you can take these cravings away I will listen for what you want me to do. I fell asleep and at 6:00 AM awoke feeling great, my wife said she was goind downstairs to make coffee I said I’ll be down in a few minits and sat on the edge of the bed and said thank you lord for taking away the cravings. I sat there for about five minutes and heard a voice say “Work with the Children” I said OK and that afternoon at about 4:00 PM two women knocked at the door and my wife answered it They said we are looking for someone to work with the children.

That lead to the study of Christian Science, probably the most powerful discipline I know of followed by Avatar and then Silva.

6. Where are the limits of what can be done by applying Silva Method into one’s life?

There are no limits except what you put in place.

7. There are 2 main programs of the Silva Method today – the original Silva Method and the Silva Ultramind program which Jose Silva has developed in the later years of his life. How do you compare them and which would you recommend for the people to take?

I would recommend that everyone take both ‘Silva System” then Silva UltraMind as the content is different.

Why are there 2 programs?

Silva mind Control was all the basic ‘stuff’ that came out of the research and Silva UltraMind was putting together the ‘stuff’ that came out of Silva Mind Control over the years.

8. Jose Silva has wrote a lot of books, some co-authored with other people, such as Robert B. Stone. There are also audio CDs recorded by other instructors, like Burt Goldman, Jose’s daughter adn moer. There are also a lot of third-party people who wrote books on the Silva Method. Is it possible to learn the Silva Method from his or other books and CDs, in your opinion or is taking on of the seminars is required?

Is it possible to become a world class driver without Instructions?
The Silva UltraMind on-line study course would be a bust without the discussion group. I believe you need someone who knows the Silva method to work with someone who doesn’t know for them to actually learn.

9. Jose Silva has developed his original method about 50 years ago. Since then he continued to research and improve it. Now that he’s passed away is there any research or other progress on the method or is it now a complete system that needs no more refinement?

Jose believed it was up to date when he died. As humans grow and develop they are finding more and more things they are learning to do. The Mind is the instrument that will do everything that is being discovered. Someone has to teach.

10. What would you recommend to the graduates of the Silva Method programs?

Stop thinking “I have graduated I know it now.” What you know barely scratches the surface of what is there.

How to improve their skills? What possible other skills or abilities would you recommend to develop?

Reach out and touch someone. ‘mentally’ they will feel it.
Learn to use your mind to move things. Turn on or off a water faucet. (at a distance)
Lift yourself up and float in the air.
Teleportation: move from one location to another. (instantly)

11. Something you would like to add?

Practice, Practice, Practice.

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