Podcasts can be an invaluable source of information, a place for education and daily inspiration. However, you will often have to do a lot of research and wade through a lot of mediocre shows to find some real value. I wanted to save you time and do a little research of my own.

Parapsychology podcasts

I have created a list of shows that centre around the topics of parapsychology, mindfulness and spirituality. They are some of the best podcasts out there, right now. I encourage you to pick any of the following podcasts that resonate with you and check them out! The up-to-date and on point information that podcasts, such as these, can provide will enrich your life, give you daily encouragement and maybe answer some of the important life questions that have been playing on your mind.

On Being with Krista Tippett

On this show, the host Krista delves into the wonder and mystery of human life. This podcast is released every Thursday and each week Krista invites thought leaders on the show to share how their journey has deepened their understanding of human existence. Past guests have included best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Zen Cast

While this podcast is no longer active, there are over 400 podcasts for you to check out. The majority of these shows are hosted by Meditation teacher Gil Fronsdale. In each podcast, the host discusses a specific topic such as “Gratitude” and “Intention” and presents it in front of an audience. Audience members bring up their questions and thoughts at the end of each session.

Tara Brach

This show mainly consists of recorded talks give by Tara at her retreats. Tara’s podcasts are released several times a week and the show is still ongoing. These talks are a blend of discussion and meditations. The meditations are offered at the end of each talk and it allows the listeners the chance to practice and embody what Tara is discussing. The talks themselves focus on the lifelong journey of spiritual awakening.

Mysterious Universe

On this show host Benjamin Grundy delves into a kaleidoscopic of paranormal events, research, stories and more. For instance, in the latest podcasts Benjamin interviews the creators of a new photography books called “Phenomenon”. This book provides over a 100 examples of UFO sightings and UFO activity. Benjamin makes sure each show has something for both skeptics and believers. Each podcast will leave you wondering and questioning your own beliefs!

A Quiet Mind

While Robert only releases a limited number of podcasts per year, he shares with us his musings on the important subject of well-being. Without guest or audience interaction Robert follows his intuition as he speaks and breaths presence into his podcasts.

Real Ghost Stories Online

Real Ghost Stories is one of the most highly rated shows on this list and for good reason! With full-length podcasts being released several times a week, hosts Tony & Jenny Brueski keep you up-to-date on all things paranormal by sharing the real ghost stories people send to them. It is loved by listeners for it authenticity and great story telling.

Theatre of the Mind

How can your mind create reality? Kelly Howell examines this question by exploring some out of the ordinary subjects such as remote viewing, hypnotherapy, mind mapping, visualization and more. Check out her latest podcast to discover the “Five levels of Attachment”.

Rebel Guru Radio

Listen to best-selling author Eric Pepin tackle the difficult questions of the self-help and spiritual sphere. In his answers he explores prana, energy, and the sixth sense that is part of the human experience. Is reality really an illusion? Head over to Eric’s podcast and find out what he has to say.

The Meditation Minis

Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton breaks down meditations and makes them accessible for anyone, even those with limited time. Every meditation is between 10-15 minutes. Although the meditation techniques and topics vary in each episode, Chel ensures they are presented in a non-religious or non-dogmatic manner.This podcast gives people everywhere the chance to unwind and clear their minds.

The Seven Chakras with Aditya

Aditya Jaykumar interviews guests on a range of topics including emotional freedom, energy medicine, and life purpose. What makes this series stand out is the blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. Releasing several podcasts a week, Aditya shows us how to bring the old and the new methods of mindfulness together. This show gives listeners the opportunity to delve deeper and to find a better solution to our problems.

The Matt Belair Podcast

Matt connects the listener with some of the worlds most conscious and thought provoking leaders in his podcasts. In each of his interviews, Matt and his guest share the different methods we can use to gain control over our life and our experience. In disseminating topics such as mindset, psychology and spirituality Matt offers the listener several different ways to bring more peace and joy into their lives.


Alex Tsakiris runs Skeptiko for almost 10 years now. In well over 300 episodes Alex interviews prominent researchers and authors in parapsychology, mostly on the topics related to survival of consciousness. The podcast is Alex’s own journey where he “follows the data” wherever it takes him.

Did any of these podcasts sound appealing to you?
I encourage to pick at least two podcasts from this list and give them a shot. You never know what you might learn!