I’m now reading the book by Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About and I began to notice some of the things he writes about in the book. For those who don’t know the book deals with the subject of medicine in US, conspiracy between pharma companies, FDA and FTC to sell you more drugs and trump the alternative medicine. This is a really thought provoking book in my opinion.

So now I come across an article in the BBC titled Chinese remedy ‘treats diabetes’. Here’s what the second heading states: “A gardenia fruit extract used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat adult onset diabetes is effective, scientists have found.”

Well first of all, it’s not the scientists that found it but the Chinese. The scientists only verified and acknowledged this in a laboratory experiment. But what made me really wonder are these lines:

“The researchers said their findings may lead to the development of new drugs, which would offer a significant advance as there is currently no available therapy for diabetes which targets the underlying causes of disease in insulin-producing cells.”

and a care advisor’s at Diabetes UK advice:

“For the 1.8 million people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, we recommend a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity.”

And I think: What the hell? Why won’t you advise the people to go a chinese medicine doctor and ask them to be treated with that extract and other treatments that this medicine has to offer? Why do we need to wait for a drug to be developed out of the same plant or what’s worse, from a synthetic process? Diet and physical activity are great. But if there’s an existing remedy (and it’s not a drug) why shouldn’t people use it?

Just some food for thought.