Good day, dear readers.

First of all, I’m really overwhelmed by the popularity of the acupressure technique to relieve nasal congestion that I’ve posted. It’s interesting that I’ve known it for almost all of my life but only a few days ago when my wife has had one and I explained her how to perform it (and the immediate relief that she’s got) that I’ve thought to create a post on this. The nasal congestion problem is so common and the technique is so simple and effective that it created a large amount of comments on the site and on other sites.

So I wanted to present some of what I’ve gathered over the web.

Here are some from the comments on the post itself:

Hmm, I just tried it, and It Worked! My nose was completely blocked 10 minutes ago, and now air goes through it normally 🙂 Thanks for the tip…

Wow. I was skeptical, but this really helped. My right nostril is usually clogged up all year round regardless of weather or health. Sprays could always clear it up, but I eventually decided I didn’t want to rely on something chemical more than occasionally, so I had pretty much accepted that one nostril will always be clogged. After going through this exercise, however, it cleared right up, and now it’s several hours later and it’s still clear. Amazing! I had tried various massage points before, but I guess I never hit the right spot until I did it according to your instructions and diagram. Thank you so much for sharing this!

I have to admit my sinus is getting better but I wonder if this helps psychologically. I mean if i’m reading a popular article and alot of people have read it and they say it works then in my mind i know its going to work. Same thing happens when I go for a meeting (this is a pain). Everytime I go for a meeting I start getting nasal congestions. This is because I get nervous.

I just did the massage technique and it feels a little better but not perfect yet. I’ll keep doing it every 10 minutes because I want something to work and I’m too cheap to buy product to allow me to breathe through my nose.

Some from other sites:

It worked for me immediately, I’ll keep experimenting. And I’m going to show my family, maybe it will end Isaac’s frequent prescription to allergy medicine. (From No More Allergy Drugs)

Relieving stuffed nose by massaging pressure points: I just tried this, and wow! it works! (

Most helpful.

And my favorite one:

on a blog with a lot of paranormal bs, but good tip for sinus relief. (worked for me)

This is all very encouraging and really makes me feel good with what I do on this website.

Another interesting thread started on the article: A natural cure for diabetes. This thread started to evolve mostly around the figure of Kevin Trudeau and his book on natural cures and his conspiracy theory. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Mr. Trudeau but I think that book has its value, even if you disregard his claims about FDA and FTC (which might be true, I can’t verify myself).

I just thought that an aspect of the BBC article about chinese medicine was very along the lines what Kevin says.

You might want to read the comments and contribute your thoughts on this as well.