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I have only recently received the EFT videotapes but I have already applied and seen its effect.

Two days ago I was watching the instructional video and then the videos from the 2nd DVD of the basic course set. Seeing the how in amazingly simple way complex problems are treated is almost unbelievable. But the very next day I’ve got my own opportunity to apply EFT.

Yesterday my wife has got her ‘next’ migraine attack. This time it was very severe, much stronger than the usual ones. So she called me at work and I left to help her. She’s only started getting migraines less than a year ago, but it is very annoying and we found ourselves several times already in a medical center where she got shot with a drug to ease off the pain.

When I arrived home I found her vomiting in the bathroom. She often vomits when she has strong migraines. She couldn’t stand on her feet so I grabbed her into our room and laid her down on the bed. After grabbing her attention, I told her that I’ll try something new with her this time and that it may seem a bit unusual technique.

So I started to apply EFT procedure on her. I asked her what was the most problematic symptom at the time. She said it’s the headache. In EFT I should ask to rate her problem on the scale of 0 (no problem at all) to 10 (as bad as it can be). She was definitely at 10 (if not more).

So I started by rubbing her sore spot and saying the setup phrase: "Although I have this migraine I fully accept myself" and she repeated after me 3 times. Then I started tapping on all the points and saying the reminder phrase which she repeated. The I continued with the procedure to the end of the first round.

After the first round I asked her how she was on the rate of 0 to 10. She said that she was at 9 and it was just a little bit better. She still almost couldn’t open her eyes. So I made another round, rephrasing the setup phrase to "Although I still have some of that migraine left…".

After the second round I could see the difference myself. She became somewhat more aware and her eyes got a little better. She also said that she was about 5-6, which I found incredible. So we went on to some additional rounds addressing ‘heaviness in the head’ and ‘headache’.

After about 3 more rounds she told me that she was at about 2. She could lift her head and began to feel how thirsty and hungry she was. I wanted to continue with some more rounds of EFT but she asked me to make a tea for her.

The whole procedure took less than 15 minutes and her intense migraine attack has receded to much lower levels. She could stand up on her own now. The problem was that she has already vomited very much and after sipping some of the tea, she started throwing up again. She was obviously dehydrated beyond the point where I could help her at home, since she couldn’t drink without vomiting it all back.

So we ended up in a medical center once again to get her an infusion but at least she was able to carry on until that moment without much headache, only very weak because of the dehydration and previous pain.

In conclusion, both I and her were very surprised but the fast and noticeable improvement of her migraine attack, getting it from a very high peak to a reasonable level. I believe that if I could help her about 2 hours earlier, before she started throwing up, I might stopped the attack completely and she wouldn’t be dehydrated. It’s also interesting to note, that originally EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is more for the emotional problems but since it deals with the energy balance of the body and in some way migraine has emotional issues as well, I had a very good reason to try it. Gary Craig, the EFT founder also advices to try and use it on just about anything and he referred to headaches in particular.

I’m going to see more of the videos in the days to come to learn to apply EFT better the next time. I encourage you to learn the EFT procedure as it very simple and seems to be effective.

Today (14 July) my wife has started to get a strong migraine headache again. At first she didn’t want to do anything about it until it hit her really hard and she lay down. At that time I started applying EFT once again on her. We’ve done about 10 rounds of EFT applying it every time on what she felt was worse at that time (headache, nause and in the end, overall fatigue). After 10 minutes she was totally fine. It’s amazed me once again, since it brought her from a severe migraine attack to 0 in 10 minutes.

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