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High-level scientific research into parapsychology

Since I started searching the internet more for research done in the parapsychology I’ve come across a lot of interesting and strong sites and articles. One of the best research I’ve seen so far is by William A. Tiller, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering. Prof. Tiller has been publishing in journals about parapsychology since the early 70ies. Being a scientist, he obviously performed several scientific experiments to verify ‘paranormal’ abilities of humans. The experiment he writes most about is dealing with several aspects of the phenomena. In the experiment, 2 identical low-tech electrical devices (called IIED) were used. One was put aside for control. On the other device 4 qualified meditators impressed their intention for 1 hour. The purpose of the intention was changing the pH value of water by 1 whole point. The hypothesis was that human consciousness can affect the material world. The devices were then sent to another laboratory and put near a normal water target. After 1 to 3 months of working the water had started to shift its pH value towards and reaching the target desired by the experiment’s meditators. The experiments were repeated several times in different US and european laboratories. The target was alternating between increasing and decreasing the pH value. Prof. William A. Tiller suggests that the current physics is not complete in its...

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A book review on Akashic Records

Quantum Biocommunication Technology blog has posted a review of a book dealing with what I called Universal Mind, or as the title of the book calls it ‘The Akashic Field‘. The author, Dr. Ervin Laszlo has researched the subject for four decades. He has come to the conclusion that everything in the universe is interconnected in this Akashic Records Field. The blog mentions the following as being some of the gems in this book: At a quantum level, reality is strange and it is nonlocal: the whole universe is a network of time and space transcending interconnection. Water has a remarkable capacity to register and conserve information, as indicated by, among other things, homeophatic remedies that remain effective even when not a single molecule of the original substance remains in a dilution. Generations after generations of humans have left their holographic traces in the A-field. These individual holograms integrate in a super hologram, which is the encompassing hologram of a tribe, community, or culture. The collective holograms interfaces and integrate in turn with the super-super hologram of all people. This is the collective information pool of humankind. Read the original full review at Quantum Biocommunication Technology blog Read my article series on the Universal...

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Micro-Psychokinesis (PK) research article

The Parascope website has a seven part article that deals with the micro-PK research. Micro-PK is Micro Psychokinesis – the supposed ability of the human mind to affect machines. Take a look at previous posts on the subject on this site. The article collects information from the various respectable research centers, such as Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program (PEAR), Institute of Parapsychology (Rhine Research Center), Center for Environmental Studies at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada and other. Reading the article would make even the skeptics thinking about the results of the research. Overall, all of the researches that were conducted have shown that human mind can alter the results of seemingly random events. Most of the tests used to determine the phenomena were using some kind of machine (computer or robot) to generate random patterns, either binary numbers, visual or mechanical. The results of the random patterns should have been 50% but over the course of many years of tests people have been able to alter the results for 1 to 2 percents in the favor of the desired result. This may not seem like a lot, but it is a statistically significant value that can’t be disregarded and definitely show that micro-PK does exist. After the scientists have come to the conclusion that the Psychokinesis phenomena exists they went on to research how different people had different...

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Learn Remote Viewing for Free

There’s a lot of information these days about Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is defined as ability to ‘see’ or perceive information about objects (places, people, event), possibly also related to another time, without any known means of communication. In the last several years there have been reports about the US Army and CIA having remote viewing programs in the past and, possible, in the present time. Some people claimed that they have participated in the programs and opened firms that promote remote viewing study programs. There seem to be several remote viewing types. The classical one is remote viewing done by a psychic. You can search for my other posts here that relate to remote viewing to get an example. The other group of remote viewing has to do with different techniques available for ‘non-psychics’. Of these, there are TRV (Technical Remote Viewing), CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing), SRV (Scientific remote viewing) and possibly many others. Lately, I’ve stumbled upon the site, which promotes the Remote Viewing research, specifically the SRV. The Farsight institute is a non-profit organization devoted to RV research and promotion. As a benefit of being non-profit they provide with a free 18-hours audio course plus textbook on their site. I definitely want to take a closer look at it and start to listen to the audio course. For more information, visit See learning and...

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Sony has had an ESP research laboratory

The famous Sony corporation apparently has had an ESP research laboratory during the period between years 1990 and 1998. This R&D department has been busy with finding evidence for the existence of various ESP phenomena, mainly Remote Viewing and Qi energy, as it seems. The lab was know under the name ESPER which stands for Extrasensory Perception and Excitation Research. The founder and lead researcher of the lab was Yoichiro Sako, first a computer science and mathematics scientist, who later developed interest in parapsychology. Backed by a senior Sony executive, the lab has been active for 8 years. Here’s what Mr. Yoichiro Sako had to say during the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration at Las Vegas, NV: "As the 21st century draws nearer, we can see that society’s materialistic values, fostered in many respects by modern science and technology, have become outdated and unworthy. It is clear that we have come to another turning point in history and science. What we require to meet the challenges of these unpredictable and confusing times is a new paradigm to guide a new age. I believe that the key to this new paradigm lies in the research of biological, mental, and spiritual phenomena such as "Qi" and other psychic powers that have been overlooked by modern scientists…. I think that the results of my research could help bring...

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