Month: February 2006

Grounding exercise

Healers and other people who do energy work advice performing energy grounding. Grounding reconnects your body energy with the energy of the earth. This is a good practice for non-healers as well, since it allows you to refresh your energy. Some background first. The human energy field has two ‘openings’ for energy. These opening are through the first chakra (also called root chakra, or Muladhara) and through the seventh (crown chakra, Sahasrara). The Muladhara connects the body to the earth energy, while the Sahasrara allows cosmic energy to flow in. It important for both these chakras to be open for the energy to flow properly in your body. Today I’ll explain grounding exercise which strengthens one’s connection to the earth energy and to the cosmos. Grounding Exercise instructions: Remove your footwear and stand up. Close your eyes. Use abdominal breathing. Breath in with your nose and breath out through your mouth. Try to hold your attention to the Hara point, which is about 4cm below the navel. Recall a real tree. Now you are the tree. Imagine that from the waist line below are your roots and above are the trunk and the leaves. Visualize as your roots grow down from your feet and go deep into the ground. If you have difficulty ‘growing’ your roots, think of people who need your forgiveness and forgive them in your mind...

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ESP blocks are in our minds

A few days ago I watched a TV program. On this program the host performs experiments to show the power of the human mind and to demonstrate its immense powers in what we call ESP. In this latest show he explored the field of telepathy, among other things. In one of his experiments in this program, he has invited a group of regular students to a meeting. He then showed them an electronic machine, which when connected to them, will enhance their psychic abilities, especially the telepathy. He then connected the students to the machine and performed several experiments. For example, he got a pack of cards where he has previously flipped one card. He then asked the students to guess which card it was. There was also some protocol to this. One guessed the color, the other guessed the type of the card, the third guessed if it was a high or a low card. Then another guessed which card it was. They were shocked to see that it was indeed the same card that they’ve guessed. He also performed a test with Zener cards. In another experiment, he asked one of the students to guess birthday of another. For this, this second student started to tell the number: 1,2,3 etc, while the guesser should have stopped him when she thought it was the correct day of his...

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Vegetarianism and healing

As I learn more about healing and as I meet more people who are healers or otherwise spiritually awakened, it occurs to me that many of them are vegetarians. My first parapsychology teacher was a practicing healer for many years and haven’t eat meat for almost 30 years. While studying parapsychology and healing with her she stated that eating meat blocks the energy flow through the third chakra (which is responsible for digestion) and otherwise stands in the path of healer. I have got influenced from her at that time and abstained from eating meat for a period of several weeks. Later I returned, but have nevertheless reduced the amount and the type of meat that I consume. I must confess that eating less meat and more vegetables indeed helps me feel less tired after lunch, as digesting meat drains energy from the body. Reading about the vegetarianism I find that 70% percent of world’s vegetarians are living in India. Apparently, Hinduism and other related religions propose vegetarian diet as an ideal one for spiritual growth. In the west world, many people are vegetarians because of other reasons, such as humanity, etc. Yet, many healers in the west refrain from eating meat as well. I have asked Erin Pavlina a question about this. Erin is both a vegan and a psychic. Her husband is vegan as well. Erin runs...

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Spiritual Surgery – Zenna healing

My attention was recently pulled by another healing technique. The technique is called ‘Spiritual Surgery‘ or now trademarked as ‘Zenna healing‘. This technique seems to be originated in New Zealand and Australia, established by Brian Cattermole. Originally, Spiritual Surgery was described by Barbara Ann Brennan in her great book ‘Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field‘, which is really a must have book for any energy healer. It describes a process when spiritual beings perform the healing on a patient through the healer’s energy field. The healing is performed as an operation on an energy level, where the whole body is mirrored. This way, the operation which takes place on the level propagates into the physical body. Brian started with the explanation by Barbara Brennan and transformed it into a more elaborate technique. This type of healing does not involve channeling energy from a higher source into the patient. You do not perform the healing. Instead, the healing is provided by spiritual entities who were trained to perform these operations. Brian Cattermole provides workshop teaching and also a correspondence course for people who can’t arrive into New Zealand. He also trademarked the Zenna name, which is his process of performing the Spiritual Surgery. A basic manual for Spiritual Surgery is available online on his site. Here some points from it: It is extremely...

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Unconscious mind solves complex decisions better

A new study performed in the University of Amsterdam suggests that complex decisions that require to process a lot of information are better resolved by the unconscious mind. The researches say that the conscious mind should only be trusted with the more simple decisions, since it can’t process a lot of information and only uses the subset of data in a given problem, which may results in a not optimal solution of the problem. The researches asked 80 people to decide buying decisions upon a variety of products, from simple ones, like stove gloves or shampoo, to complex like cars or houses. The participants were then either asked after the data was provided, letting only the conscious mind to think or were given time to let the unconscious mind to think over the problem. As it turned out, for the simple products, the conscious decisions people took were mostly the best ones, while for the complex ones, they were not. On the other hand, people who let their unconscious mind help to decide had better decisions to the complex problems. Another issue that the researches point is that the unconscious mind should be triggered to work on the problem, or it won’t process the data and help with the decision: However, the unconscious mind appears to need some instruction. “It was only when people were told before the puzzles...

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