Month: July 2006

Using geiger counter to detect psi

A Geiger counter, also called a Geiger-Müller counter, measures ionizing radiation._ (from Sean Connelly (Peebrain), the guy behind the great psionics site writes on his blog about experiments with a geiger counter to detect psi activity. On his weblog he describes the repeatable results he and his friends have had with geiger counter readings being affected by some forms of psi: Erik first reproduced his experiment, but this time with me watching, so I could see how it was setup. Over his webcam, he showed me his geiger counter, transducer, and oscilloscope. First, I tried to get the geiger counter to go crazy, like he described JoeT doing it. I failed. Roy tried. He failed. So finally we invited JoeT to do it again… The average detection range for a geiger counter sitting in a normal room is anywhere from 8 to 25 counts per minute (CPM)… and it’ll usually average between 12 and 15. When JoeT focused on it, he got the counter to max out at 47 CPM. Very significant. I went to look if this indeed was unique… Apparently not. Looking for the information I’ve arrived again to the Uri Geller’s site and one of the pages describes how he was tested in a laboratory conditions, also trying toinfluence a geiger counter. Uri Geller was able to bring this thing to a 1000! count,...

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Treating ADHD with alternative medicine

My extended family has a 9-year old boy who seems to have the ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). He’s not yet been officially diagnosed but the school administration and the parents seem to think that that’s where it’s heading. Of course, the last thing that the mother wants is having her child taking Ritalin™, as it is about the only treatment the medicine can propose. She’s determined first to try any other form of treatment beforehand. She’s come to me for an advice. I must admit that I never learned the subject in depth but I have heard some things. The first that came to my mind was what I’ve heard in Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About. In that Book Mr. Trudeau claims that many of the ADHD cases are caused by bad nutrition of the child, especially sugars, wheat and milk products. He tells of a case when only a change in the child’s diet would eliminate all the symptoms of the ADHD. I have told this the boy’s mother and advised her to lessen the amount of sweet food that the child eats (and he does seem to it too much “snacks”). Another possible treatments that came to my mind are using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)and Silva Method for treating ADHD. EFT site tells specifically about EFT being able to treat ADHD....

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Dowsing without pendulum or rods

Dowsing is a very interesting and controversial subject. If you don’t know what dowsing is take a look at a previous article on dowsing that I wrote. Usually dowsing is thought to require some kind of device such as a pendulum or a dowsing rod of some kind. Yet, although it is considered easier to use such device there are possibilities to dowse without any device. Since dowsing often has the goal of getting YES/NO answers to questions, any way that the subconscious can do that for you is good. People usually use pendulums or dowsing rods since they can possibly better connect to the subconscious mind, which gives the answers. Once again, it is not the pendulum or dowsing rod that gives the answer to your question, but you subconscious. The rods and pendulums can amplify the subtle movements that the subconscious mind produces and translates them into larger movement. This is called ideomatic motion. That’s why it is important to somehow let your conscious mind disconnect from controlling your movements. This can take a lot of practice and I have to admit that I still haven’t mastered this. Anyway, if you do any device dowsing, or would want to try dowsing without buying any devices there’s also deviceless dowsing, where you use your body in some way that gives you YES/NO answers unconsciously. I only knew one...

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Telepathy research in a Virtual Reality game

Telepathy research in a Virtual Reality game Scienceblog reports about a virtual reality system built by scientists at the University of Manchester as a collaboration between the University’s School of Computer Science and School of Psychological Sciences. The aim of this project is to test scientifically whether telepathy exists by using scientific methods and the connection between the relationship between people and the strength of their telepathic connection (if exists). About 100 participants are planned to take part in the research. Here is how it will be conducted: The test is carried out using two volunteers who could be friends, work colleagues or family. They are placed in separate rooms on different floors of the same building to eliminate any possibility of communication. Participants enter the virtual environment by donning a head-mounted 3D display and an electronic glove which they use to navigate their way through the computer generated world. Once inside participants view a random selection of computer-generated objects. These include a telephone, a football and an umbrella. The person in the first room sees one object at a time, which they are asked to concentrate on and interact with. The person in the other room is simultaneously presented with the same object plus three decoy objects. They are then asked to select the object they believe the other participant is trying to transmit to them. The virtual...

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Adam the canadian healer goes public

I have wrote back in November ‘05 about a canadian boy from the B.C. called Adam who was promoted as a strong healer. Yet, at that time, he preferred to remain more or less anonymous (well, Adam doesn’t reveal much). Lately, though, the 19-year old healer decided to start a public career after he’s written a book and released a DVD. There’s a large article about Adam on the internet (link below). Here’s how Adam explains his healing technique: “I’m not actually sure what it is I do. I go into this trance,” says Adam. “I don’t see anything else around me except for this person in front of me. And then I’m just changing these things, this image in front of me.” He says he uses his hands to fix breaks in the energy flow, which allows the healing to begin. Update: Mind Power News website hosts links to the whole show on ABC in video: Visit: Video of ABC primetime on Adam the healer. Interesting, Adam says that he started to get his paranormal abilities about the age of 15, when “All these strange telekinetic things [started] happening around me. Just little things like pencils flying out of my hands, erasers flying out of my hands,” as he says. The article has also some stories of people who have been healed by him, including being healed of...

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