Month: September 2006

Energy Meridians and acupoints guide in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the concepts of Energy Meridians. These meridians are channels through which the life force energy (Chi) flows within the body, not unlike blood vessels. There are 12 meridians on the arms and legs and they correspond to 12 body parts (one of which does not exist in standard medicine): (HT) Heart (PC) Pericardium (LU) Lung (SP) Spleen (LV) Liver (KD) Kidney (SI) Small Intestine (TH) Triple Heater (LI) Large Intestine (ST) Stomach (GB) Gall Bladder (UB) Urinary Bladder There are also 2 meridians that go in the middle of the body: (CV) Conception Vessel (GV) Governing Vessel Along these meridians there are about 400 points that are considered important. These are called acupoints. The points, each has a name, traditional and a short name constructed of two-letter meridian abbreviation and a number (for example: GB20). Each point serves specific function according to chinese tradition. Stimulation of acupoints using pressure _ or using needles (acupuncture)_ can alleviate health conditions related to the points. Previously, I published a link to an online acupressure guide that lists what points to press for which health problems. Tapping on acupoints is also used as part of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is easy to learn and very helpful in various situations, especially where emotions are involved. If you want to learn more about the meridians and acupoints I’ve found...

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Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and how it connects

I’ve only recently read the very famous book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” by Richard Bach which I should have probably read long ago. Anyway, this short story is easy to read and does convey a message of achievement and self-realization. The line that I remembered most is: “To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is,” he said, “you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived …&#8221 This concept of knowing that you’ve already arrived very much reminds me how goal manifestation and visualization work. Many self help teacher return on the message that to achieve a goal you must first “see yourself as it is already achieved” in your mind’s eye. Only then can it be a reality for you. That’s how Brian Tracy, the self-help guru explain and it is working the same in the Silva Method. Visualizing like you’ve already achieved it. Another interesting connection that I’ve head was with a previous post of mine, called A cool mind-body trick to learn. In this post I described how to perform faster hand movements to catch things. Read the article to learn more. It probably can be applied to more things, like catching flies, etc, as it’s only an example. If you haven’t read Bach’s Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, grab a copy and read it. It’s not long and easily...

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Remote Viewing experiments

A site run by Bill Walker, a software engineer, describes a series of experiments in Remote Viewing (RV) that he had. Another person, Craig Hogan, a remote viewer among other things, did 6 Remote Viewing sessions for objects located in Bill’s apartment. On his site, Bill presents the description and the results of the experiment, where he presents photos of the objects observed and Craig’s Remote Viewing session results – images and textual descriptions. Here’s an excerpt from his summary: The descriptions above accurately described relatively unique items on the tables in my house. In most cases, these were on tables in the rooms that “the targets” were located in (with the exception of the living room, but as indicated, the living room and dining room are connected). In all sessions, the exact “targets” that he matched were the kitchen table centerpiece, the plastic toy, and the bowl and chair at my parents’ house. If I walked a total stranger through my house for five minutes and asked them to observer items on tables, then brought them outside and asked them to sketch what they remembered, I’d be surprised if they would be able to sketch eleven objects in as much detail as Craig did. Consider just Figure 1 alone. What are the odds that someone using random “guessing” would exactly describe a gold and silver metallic orb with...

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Spoon bending

Update: see also my later article “Spoon bending evidence by Dean Radin” for more credible evidence of spoon bending. Spoon bending is a popular topics in the world of parapsychology or paranormal in general and in the field of psychokinesis (PK) in particular. Spoon bending refers to the alleged phenomena when people can bend spoons, forks and other similar objects with little to no force, making some very intriguing forms of them. I first heard of this a long time ago but have never actually witnessed it. I have tried somewhat (without getting special instruction) but without success. Nevertheless, there are some very interesting sites with interesting stories about spoon bending. Of course, one of the more known persons having done spoon bending is the famous Uri Geller. Uri has been performing this a long time ago. There are many skeptics that designate him as a fraud but some people that I respect their opinion find much of his claims genuine. I’ve had asked in my interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, who has a Ph.D. in parapsychology and who worked with Uri Geller in the beginning of his career. Another person whom I respect is Cynthia Sue Larson, the founder of the Reality Shifters website. I’ve also interviewed her and asked about Geller. Here’s what she answered me: I hand-selected the spoon that I brought for Uri Geller to bend,...

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Washing hands after energy healing

Sometimes when you practive energy healing or diagnostics your hands start to accumulate the energy. This can be felt differently but usually it feels like there’s some “noisy signal” on the hands, the palm feels tense and it may even ache. At the same time, you become less receptive to signals coming from other person’s body. So, if you try to feel an ilnessl spot, you might not feel it because the palms are already “noisy”. Also, when you do energy healing, you manipulate the energy field (aura) of the patient, so you take some of his energy on yourself. You may feel pain in your palm and wrists and may even rise through your hand to the elbow and beyond. First of all, don’t let the pain rise above the elbows. You don’t want to hurt yourself. If you feel that the pain or similar signal rises up your hand, try to shake it off or “remove” it with your other hand, like wiping it. If nothing helps, go to the bathroom and wash them up to the elbow. Actually, washing hands after energy healing and diagnostics is a procedure that I met many times on different energy healing courses and in books, so there’s definately an agreement on this between various practitioners. After long work with a patient, some even suggest taking a shower to remove all...

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