Month: November 2006

My leg pain and a healer

Update: Now at about two months since the start of the problem here’s a little update: I have much less painful episodes and when they occur they are not as painful now and usually not long at all but more of a one-time shocks. They are also now somewhat more connected to how I move the leg and I usually experience these one-time shocks now only when putting the leg awkwardly. But otherwise I’m much much better. I still do the TCM sessions since I believe they are the ones that help me most in the long run. My friend now puts much more attention to the lower back. I’ve also went to a neurologist and she confirmed that Chinese medicine is good. It’s also possible to do physiotherapy instead or some other form of complementary medicine. She also prescribed me Vitamins from group B since they help the healing process of nerve endings. She confirmed that the problem is in the lower spine and she assured me that it will soon pass. But I need to pay more attention to lifting weights. I also started getting more to the gym, mostly to swim, since it should really strengthen my back muscles. It’s very essential to future prevention of this problem. End of update. For about 5 weeks now I’ve been having a periodic pain inside the calf of...

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The Menacing Mathematics of Multiple Meds

Hello, the following article is published from the permission of Gary Craig, who wrote it. There’s something scary about drugs that concerns a growing number of physicians and should wobble the knees of every patient on the planet. It’s obvious to any mathematician but somehow has escaped the general scrutiny of the health industry. It has to do with combining meds. Ever since I can remember I have been fed the perception that drugs are governmentally evaluated and thus are safe if taken under the guidance of competent physicians. However, even if we accept the presumed safety for the ingestion of one drug, we must ask ourselves how might that safety change if we take multiple drugs? For safety assurances, proper testing should be done for every drug combination we are advised to take. If we take Prozac and Tylenol, for example, we should be presented with all the possible benefits and consequences before allowing these two foreign substances to mix with the chemicals our bodies already create. Same thing goes for combining Paxil with Viagra or Interferon with Lipitor. The list of possible problems here is monstrously long because there are a b’zillion drugs and mega b’zillions of combinations. Nonetheless, I’ve never seen or heard of any studies that test any of these combinations … have you? Thus, if you take two drugs, the odds of their combination...

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My first Qi Gong lesson

It has been some time now that I wanted to start learning Qi Gong. Fortunately, two friends of mind were already going to a Qi Gong group, so I decided to join them. I’m not sure how much can be deducted from one lesson but here how it went and some of my impressions: The lesson was divided into 4 parts: 1. Warm up. Some warm up and stretching exercises. 2. Biggest part of the lesson was doing some standing positions and more motions. Generally, the standing positions are used to gather energy. They are also the hardest part of Qi Gong since the longer you stand, the better. It’s also important to stay correctly, and the instructor was correcting us. Of course, there’s more than just standing correctly in order to see the benefits. The motions were very slow and required concentration on moving the body without strain. They are not difficult physically, but they are hard to do correctly and without strain. The real benefit of the motions should be the control over the movement of the Chi in the body but that takes lots of practice. In the beginning I need to concentrate more on the psyshical aspect of the movements. 3. Another large part of the lesson was devoted solely to standing positions. This time however, the group was divided into 2 parts: beginners and...

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The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden review

Last month I have ordered some books related to healing and parapsychology from Amazon. I’ll be giving their reviews as I progress in their reading. The first review that I want to post is of somewhat that is not quite a book. I’ve ordered “The Energy Medicine Kit” by Donna Eden. Donna Eden is a known healer with the ability to actually see the body’s energies. Thus, her books deal a lot about life energy. Photos of the kit are in the end of the review. The kit has several components in it: A 28-page booklet with some introduction to body energy systems and how-to guide for the kit. A DVD that shows lots of exercises that help you control your energy. The DVD is built as a workshop where she demonstrates the various techniques on people. After each technique is shown in the workshop, there is a shorter “reminder” version which verbally and graphically shows the technique, so you won’t have to watch the longer videos just to remember. The DVD is of high quality and long. An audio CD that has 21 exercises on it and a 5-minute daily routine that puts together the most important exercises from the program. There are 43 photo illustrated cards that are guides and reminders to energy healing techniques. The cards are of high quality, with 2 printed sides. Front side...

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Geopathogenic Zones

In today’s article I want to write about something that not many people heard of, and not many believe in, although it appears to be old knowledge. I want to talk about a phenomena called Geopathogenic Zones, or for short I’ll call it GZ. The term Geopathogenic Zone is coming from the world of Dowsing. Dowsing is in itself a controversial topic. I’ve already written about it before in the article Dowsing – biolocation. Biolocation is just another name for dowsing. It was called so in Russia to give it a more scientific name. All of the English world calls it dowsing. What is dowsing, then? It’s an old skill that allowed people in the early days of history to find water or minerals underground. At least that’s how it believed to begin. At those times a stick from a tree was used for dowsing but these days the dowsing rods are usually made of wire. Now, back to the Geopathogenic Zones. First, what does that long word mean? Geo – the earth, pathogenic – creating illness. So, Geopathogenic Zones are areas on the earth that create illnesses. Now we’ve figured that out we need to take a look at the following four questions: 1. What are the ill effects of Geopathogenic Zones? Geopathogenic Zones can have very adverse effect on the health of people who stay in them...

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