Month: June 2007

A new video of John Chang – The Magus of Java

In August 2006 I wrote about an amazing video in the post Amazing video of the power of chi. This video is an excerpt from a documentary movie called “Ring of Fire”, shot in Indonesia. During the filming, one of the crew members got some problem with his eyes and was treated by a local healer using acupuncture, but different than regularly used. Then, the healer demonstrated his powers on the crew by “shocking” them with what felt like electrical charges from his hands or abdomen. The most shocking part of the footage is where he puts a newspaper on fire, allegedly only using his Chi energy. It is very famous footage and you can see it below: A few days ago, drew hempel, who wrote some articles for this site, including You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology, posted in comments a link to another video of the same person, done much later by brother of the crew member above. In this new footage, the brother tells more about the story and brings 3 people with him from the US to “check” this man’s claims and see his abilities. This footage is a must see as the man performs some amazing feats under pretty controlled conditions: I’ve taken some time to look up this man and it seems he’s become...

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Results for Psi Experiment 3

The third psi experiment was the best experiment so far, if judging by its design. The results for the data gathered so far, though, show no signs of psi effect from a statistical significance point of view. There were a total of 6417 trials (card guesses) The simple tables below summarize the results. The first one shows the number of guesses based for each card color: Card Color Guessed Not Guessed Grand Total Black 1570 1651 3221 Red 1648 1548 3196 Grand Total 3218 3199 6417 The second table shows correct and wrong guesses by gender. Gender Correct Wrong Grand Total Female 1517 1475 2992 Male 1701 1724 3425 Grand Total 3218 3199 6417 Since the data gathered so far did not show any evidence for psi, from statistical point of view, further analysis was not performed. The experiment is still running, so you can still take part in it. If you have ideas for additional experiments that can be implemented over the web, I’ll be glad to hear your...

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Interview with Erin Pavlina, a psychic medium

Today I’m glad to present you an interview with Erin Pavlina. Erin has started doing psychic readings professionally around a year ago, after life full psychic experiences from her childhood. Erin also writes a lot about her knowledge and stories on her blog. Enjoy the interview. Your path to becoming a psychic medium is quite interesting. You’ve had mystic experiences in your childhood and adolescence and then you dropped all this altogether only to return years later. Could you briefly tell how it started in the childhood and what were the reasons for these changes at the different stages of your life? I started telling people I had ESP and could read their minds when I was just 4 years old after a barstool fell on my head, cracking open my skull in the third eye area. I will probably never know if the accident had anything to do with my abilities, but the two events were very coincident. It started out as knowing about things before they happened. I would tell my parents something was going to happen and either a few hours later or a couple of days later it would. I was a very intuitive child and often knew what people were thinking. During my teen years things really kicked up a notch. I started studying dreams for a science fair project and from there learned...

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Articles about Remote Viewing

I’ve found a number of good articles about Remote Viewing (RV) written by Mr. Gerald O’Donnell, founder of Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. The articles appear in the American Chronicle and the latest one is from today. The first article is The Quantum Physics of Remote Viewing and it tells about the history of modern science, gives a very short intro into some ideas of quantum mechanics and continues with the usual description how quantum psychics can explain such effects as non-locality and how it connects to remote viewing. He then states that our consciousness affects the reality by observing it and thus we create our reality. I’ve been hearing these about these claims about Quantum mechanics explaining psi phenomena for some time now. Many New Age authors give these claims, including Deepak Chopra, Amit Goswami (a theoretical nuclear physicist), Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (Dr. Quantum) and other people. And although my understand of quantum mechanics is not good enough and some of these people actually are quantum physicist, I’m still not sure that they are right. First, as far as I know, these claims are based on one specific interpretation of quantum physics, which is not fully adopted to be the correct one. Second, if they are true, their implication is so significant that I my head somehow resists it, I guess. Similar to my previous...

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Is the media afraid of parapsychology research?

Today I’ve read another chapter of Dr. Dean Radin’s book Entangled Minds : Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, where he performs analysis of past research in the various fields of parapsychology. This chapter, titled “Unconscious Psi” dealt with the various researches where the existence of various psi phenomena, mostly the ability to affect other person’s autonomous nervous system and the central nervous system over distance, without known sensory methods. His meta-analysis of over 50 different studies shows a significant statistical significance in the overall research. He also quotes one of the groups that performed a research (led by Stefan Schmidt in 2004) where they say that ”…the existence of some anomaly related to distant intentions cannot be ruled out”. Radin then emphasizes the this is a conclusion of enormous importance since it shows that psi exists and compares it to the following imaginary TV news broadcast: This is a little like watching the evening news on television, where the news reader drones on about what’s happening in the latest war, what the President is up to, what the baseball scores are, something about aliens landing at the White House, and then the weather report. What? What was that about aliens? Oh, nothing important. My questions is: Is the media, scientific and general afraid of reporting the results of such studies, similarly to the way you might hear about...

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