Month: September 2007

Research of distant healing

I’ve found an article, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, by John A. Astin, PhD; Elaine Harkness, BSc; and Edzard Ernst, MD, PhD, in 2000. The article is titled ‘The Efficacy of “Distant Healing”: A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials’ and can be downloaded in PDF from here. The purpose of the study was “To conduct a systematic review of the available data on the efficacy of any form of “distant healing” (prayer, mental healing, Therapeutic Touch, or spiritual healing) as treatment for any medical condition.” The study verified 23 trials involving 2774 patients. “Of the trials, 5 examined prayer as the distant healing intervention, 11 assessed noncontact Therapeutic Touch, and 7 examined other forms of distant healing.” Now, although the studies didn’t show a statistically significant result (for the overall 23 studies), “13 (57%) yielded statistically significant treatment effects” and the researchers advise further study. Prayer and distant healing studies showed almost equal positive and negative findings, while majority of Therapeutic Touch (7 of 11) showed “a significant treatment effect”. I’m not a scientist and can’t understand all the article is saying but it doesn’t seem to say that the distant or closing healing techniques don’t seem to work. On the other hand, it does get some positive results (although not strong statistically) and proposes to continue the study of healing efficacy. I will be writing some...

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Annalisa Ventola reports from 50th Annual PA Convention

Annalisa Ventola from Public Parapsychology is reporting from the 3-day Annual conference of the Parapsychological Association, which is held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has already reported from day 2 of the convention – Forgotten Pioneers of Parapsychology Panel and Psychological Variables. I believe the events of day 3 will be published on Monday as they will take place. My thanks go to Annalisa who allows her readers to almost visit the PA convention using the power of the internet. If you are into serious parapsychology and have not known of her site, you should definitely add it to your RSS feed (or visit it regularly, if you prefer...

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MegaChi pendant and other cellular radiation protectors

I’ve seen this press release about a new pendant. Here’s the headline: “Gold Plated MegaChi™ Pendant Protects Wearer’s DNA From Negative Affects from EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Fields) when Using Cell-Phones According to Dr. Glen Rein Study”. Wow. What a cool thing. It’s even beautiful, just look at the picture. But, personally, I have so many problems with it and with other devices that tell you that they’ll protect you from cell phone radiation or with devices which have the word Chi in them. This particular devices seems to be the best of both worlds, so to speak. Another excerpt from the press-release: Mary A. Thomas, Director of Marketing of the MegaChi™ Pendants for Worldwide Distribution, herself a Master, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and author, had this to say “I have spent roughly 37 years studying and working with God’s Divine Energy Transference Healing. I have never before come across anything that has the potential for doing so much good for a person, on so many levels of being, and with so many possible applications. Now scientifically proven to help protect the wearer from negative affects from EMFs, with Its capability to help restore and heal the body from damage already done, this pendant is worth the wearers weight in gold for all that it is capable of doing for everyone.” she said, and went on to say “You’d be surprised at...

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Why mediums can’t tell names

Michael Tymn writes an interesting blog. Most his articles deal with the subject of life after death, mediumship, etc. His latest post on the blog deals with the question of why do mediums struggle with names during a reading. Frankly, I thought of this myself. It seems that mediums can know very good some complicated details of your life, yet can’t properly name you relatives. Sometimes they’ll just offer the first letter or two. He explores several cases, incuding an answer channelled trough a medium: Etta (the spirit) also explained to her brother that it was much easier to send ideas to Feda (spirit guide of the trans medium) than it was to send words. She said that she could not get her husband’s name, Whitfield, through Feda. “Is it not strange that I cannot say my husband’s name?” she communicated. “I can feel it, but cannot say it; that is, I cannot get it spoken. I get it on the surface, so to speak, but cannot get it into the medium’s mind.” At a sitting four months later, Etta again attempted to get her husband’s name through, but only succeeded in getting Feda to say to say, “Wh-, Whi-, Wht-.” Etta further told her brother that the more she tried to think on the name, the more difficult it was to get it through the medium’s brain, adding...

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Revisiting a Dream ESP Experiment with “The Grateful Dead”

I’m presenting today another article by Bryan. This time it’s about ESP during dreams and describes an interesting experiment being done in this field with the help of the “Greatful dead” band. Revisiting a Dream ESP Experiment with “The Grateful Dead” The band “The Grateful Dead” has become well-known throughout the decades for its classic rock sound and concerts at Winterland, with its status and recognition becoming even more elevated with the passing of band member Jerry Garcia. Probably less known about The Grateful Dead is that the band had once participated in a dream ESP experiment in the early 1970s. If we look at the ESP experiences of people in everyday life, we might notice that a great deal of ESP information seems to come in the form of dreams, sometimes manifesting as detailed, realistic representation of distant events that appear as part of our dream images (Irwin, 1994, p. 19; Targ, Schlitz, & Irwin, 2000, pp. 223 – 224). In particular, precognitive dreams (dreams of the future) seem to be most common (Rhine, 1954). Early on, this prominence of ESP in dreams led parapsychologists to try and study ESP in the laboratory by having people try and dream about a distant event while being monitored in a sleep lab. The most extensive and well known series of dream ESP experiments to date was carried out by Montague...

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