Month: October 2007

The Purloined Phantom Limb: Solving Sack’s Syncopation Susceptibility

Today, another article by drew hempel who wrote several intriguing articles before, including The Highest Technology of All Technologies: The Yan Xin Secret article. This article is a bit heavy and requires reading it with attention. The Purloined Phantom Limb: Solving Sack’s Syncopation Susceptibility By drew hempel, MA Anti-copyright (free distribution) Professor Oliver Sack’s new book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain is a treasure-trove of analysis on the mind-body conundrum. Sack previews neuroscientist Patel’s forthcoming book focusing on rhythm as subcortical binding for motor coordination with language. But as Sack notes Patel’s take on the Thai elephant orchestra music (of which I’m a big fan) may be questioned by some readers. The issue is do humans have a unique capacity or, as William James’ stated a “susceptibility” towards music, in contrast to the rest of Nature (and nonwestern cultures) seeming noise? Does this supposed unique ability of human rhythm processing also solves the “binding” problem of the mind-body paradox—also seen as the mystery of long-term potentiation (synapse growth) as an unknown function frequency and amplitude? The answer is amazingly found in the most famous short-story of Edgar Allen Poe who, as Edmund Wilson quotes, wrote that his goal in writing was the “indeterminateness of music.” Poe, the creator of the mystery story, gives the reversal to Freud who, Sacks states: “despised music.” In Poe’s psychoanalysis we find...

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Pandido Khambo Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov mystery

The story of story of Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov might be an interesting one, but the story of his body after his death is so much more interesting. Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov (1852-1927) was a BuBuddhistsma of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. During his lifetime he was selected to the post of the 12th Pandido Khambo Lama – head of Russian buddhists. He was a guest of the Russian czars and has helped Russian troops during WWI by collecting money and provisions. But the most interesting fact about him is the fact of his death legacy. At age 75 Itigilov asked other lamas to start meditation ceremonies for the passing, since he was going to die. The lamas did not start since he was still alive. So Itigilov started the rites himself and other lamas joined him later. He was in the lotus posture at the time of his death. His testimony was to bury him just as he was at the time of his death in a pine box and it also included clauses that demanded his body to be exhumed by other monks at later times. In the years 1955 and 1973 his body was examined by several Buddhist monks only to find that it did not decay. They have changed the clothes on the body and put him back in the pine box. In the year 2002, on September 11, after...

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Is qigong fading out in China?

My Qigong teacher has returned from Hong Kong last week after spending 3 weeks training with his Qigong Yiquan teacher. He’s been going this way to Hong Kong almost every year for many years now in order to improve his qigong skills. His teacher is now 70 years old and now for several years he’s been reducing the time he gives lessons in order to leave more time for his own training. He doesn’t have family and he dedicated his life to Qigong and Kung Fu training. My teacher reports some very remarkable abilities that his teacher has. The abilities of course come from his lifelong training. He says that kung fu master become only better and stronger with the years and he looks forward to him being 80. From his story I can understand how far is our group of westerners from his abilities. The most sad part of my teacher’s story is that no one of his master’s students in China (Hong Kong) reaches even 30% of his ability. He was speaking about how the master should see and adapt the training for each student. It seems that after he passes away (which might take 30 or more years) there’ll be no follower who’ll come close to his abilities in this specific qigong variant. I’ve also read about this in the book which I lately started to...

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The Highest Technology of All Technologies: The Yan Xin Secret

Another interesting article by Drew Hempel, who earlier published here The Secret of Psychic Music Healing and You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology. The Highest Technology of All Technologies: The Yan Xin Secret By Drew Hempel, MA anti-copyright (free distribution) Yan Xin qigong is a simple, yet very powerful free energy practice that Yan Xin calls “the highest technology of all technologies.” I first was introduced to his qigong practice ten years ago by the Chinese community at the University of Minnesota, hosting a Canadian-Chinese Yan Xin presentation from Toronto. The practice worked amazingly well but I just didn’t understand why. Now after, of course, learning the “hard way,” I have figured out the secret and it’s just as effective as flipping a switch to produce free full-spectrum, healing energy. Qigong master Yan Xin is a “national treasure” of the Chinese government, an official designation that puts him under their protection and supposed control. The Chinese government even produced a documentary called “Yan Xin Supermaster” that I was able to see with the Yan Xin Chinese community at the University of Minnesota. Qigong master Yan Xin was doing “qi-emitting” lectures that were 7 hours straight and were healing thousands of people at a time. One person healed was the now qigong master Chunyi Lin who even studied with Yan Xin’s...

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Miroslav Magola the Magnetic Man

I came upon the name of Miroslav Magnetic when looking for information about Dr. Alexander Imich, which has (by error, I guess) called me. When I saw what I saw about this man (on his personal pages) I was totally amazed. A rare skill like his, displayed on high quality video. Rare sights indeed. Miroslav Magola, the Magnetic Man, seems to possess strong psychokinetic powers as he can attach to himself quite heavy objects. He can attach them to his hands or to his forehead. Perhaps he can more than that, but that’s what I’ve seen in the videos. Moreover, he can hold this way not only metallic objects but also ceramic or plastic, thus eliminating real magnetic force as the source of his ability. There are lots of videos of him displaying his ability in good quality (see two videos embedded below). Apparently he was also verified by lots of scientists and skeptics, including the Lord of the Skeptics – Mr. James Randi, who did not agree to test his powers scientifically (maybe he was too afraid to lose his $1M. Need more reference on that). On of his websites the following information is written: The abilities of Miroslaw Magola are known to the most hard-line skeptics on both sides of the planet. Mr. James Randi, who has spent a large part of his life and a lot...

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