Month: December 2007

Summarizing 2007

This year has been a successful one for I have established numerous connection with people from the parapsychology (or psi, if you prefer) sphere, including Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko podcast, medium Marcel Cairo and several other people. I’ve also opened the parapsychology and healing forum in addition to the blog on this website. The forum includes a very active Official Skeptiko podcast forum with more than 2400 posts as of now. The website has seen large increase in visitors. The main site itself (without the forum) was visited more than 300,000 times this year. The most popular pages were: This year’s hit: Spoon bending instructions and pictures with more than 100,000 page views since Feb 23 2007 . Overall, the three articles about spoon bending: Spoon bending instructions, Spoon bending video and How to bend a spoon using your mind got over 150000 page views this year. Quite a popular topic, it seems. Last year’s hit, my grandma’s instructions to get rid of stuffy or runny nose received about 95000 views in 2007. I’ve received lots of “thank you’s” for this one, although not everyone benefit from it. There are many other suggestions in the comments to this page (227 comments). The hit from exactly two years ago about Increasing energy levels in 1 minute got over 18000 page views. I’ve also done 6 interviews this year (up...

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Against Archytas:  How the West Lost Alchemy or Paranormal Complimentary Opposite Harmonics

Happy holidays. I’m presenting another article by drew hempel. I’ve asked drew to write in more detail on the subject of the connection between math and music and how it connects to the paranormal. I felt that his article The Secret of Psychic Music Healing was assuming too much of the reader and so asked him to write a more explanatory article, which I now present. Against Archytas:  How the West Lost Alchemy or Paranormal Complimentary Opposite Harmonics by drew hempel, MA (anti-copyright, free distribution) The early Greek mathematics used the 60-based number system of Babylon from which Archytas, a collaborator with Plato, received the harmonic tetrachord or the continued proportion 6:8::9:12.  This tetrachord creates a geometric mean between the octave, perfect fourth and perfect fifth music intervals, or 1:2:3:4, through “divide and average” logarithmic-based mathematics.  So 6:8 and 9:12 are in the continued proportion 3:4, the perfect fourth music interval, while 6:9 and 8:12 are 2:3, the perfect fifth music interval, and 6:12 is 1:2, the octave.  The geometric mean is A:B::B:C or B squared = AC or the square root of AC = B. What Archytas added to this Babylon “divide and average” harmonic mathematics was the concept of the Greek “incommensurable” – the algebraic axiomatic proof of “alogon” or a precise irrational number, the square root of two.  This process ushered in what’s called “The Greek...

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How Qigong or Taoist Yoga Explains Gurdjieff

Today I present another article by drew hempel who often published here several other articles on the subjects of qigong, music and healing. How Qigong or Taoist Yoga Explains Gurdjieff by drew hempel, MA (anti-copyright, free distribution). THE FOUNDATION OF THE LAW OF THREE “‘Before examining these influences,’ began G., ‘and the laws of transformation of Unity in Plurality, we must examine the fundamental law that creates all phenomena in all the diversity or unity of all universes.'” — In Search of the Miraculous (p. 78, emphasis in original, and source for below Gurdjieff quotes). I continue to see a lot of serious confusion about the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, a very influential source for people exploring paranormal healing powers.  First of all there was Gurdjieff’s focus on the truth of his teaching, not on the kundalini energy effects.  This is one reason people reject Gurdjieff.  For example a famous person, Katherine Mansfield, came to Gurdjieff shortly before her death from tuberculosis.  Some people think that Gurdjieff just accelerated her death because he focused on the truth instead of on healing.   Secondly there’s the problem of Gurdjieff’s lineage.  Some state Gurdjieff was a Sufi but since he didn’t have a particular Sufi master he’s not credible.  Gurdjieff does name a very important Sufi teacher who doles out amazing secrets in Gurdjieff’s excellent book Meetings with Remarkable Men.  Most importantly...

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Interview with Laura Bruno

Today is another interview, this time with Laura Bruno. Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Teacher. She has lived and taught across the U.S. and now resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she enjoys the beauty with her husband Stephen, a photographer. Laura offers classes and phone consultations and writes fiction in her spare time. In addition to over twenty articles on natural healing, Laura also authored the soon-to-be-released eBook, If I Only Had a Brain Injury: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach’s Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine and Other “Medical Mystery. You can visit her website at Could you please tell the story of discovering your intuitive abilities. I grew up as an empath (meaning I could feel other people’s physical and emotional pain), but I had no context for that “gift.” Everyone called me over-sensitive, and I learned to view intuition as something inconvenient, weird or shameful. Despite efforts to suppress it, people still sensed my ability. While I earned a Masters in English at University of Chicago, strangers often approached me for health or life path advice, which I quietly gave. To my embarrassment, these same strangers later hugged me in front of my friends, thanking me for the insights. Secretly, I felt led to a more spiritual career than academia, but I resisted. Instead, I...

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