Month: August 2008

Guide to a trainee skeptic

The following post was originally posted on our Skeptiko forum but I liked it so much that I though of reposting it here. It was written by David Bailey, a regular on the forum and a proponent to the existence of psi phenomena. Following much discussion on the forum and frustrated by how some skeptics lead the dialog, he posted the following hilarious post, written as an imaginary letter to a trainee skeptic. Letter to a trainee skeptic – The Screwtype e-mails You are now well advanced on your training to become a professional skeptic. If you perform well, this job can bring you many perks, such as appearances on television, and the opportunity to write a bestseller book. However, it is extremely important to learn throughly some simple rules that can help you in your craft. Remember, that while success will be rewarded well, failure will not be tolerated. All being well, your first few efforts at debunking will be easy. There are, after all, a lot of crazy people in this world, and a fair few of them believe they have psychic powers. However, do not let these easy victories lull you into a false sense of security – sooner or later, you will come into contact with an altogether more tenacious kind of scientific heretic – one who has learned the ways of science and uses...

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Dr. Colin A. Ross goes for the $1 Million prize

Dr. Colin A. Ross, M.D., founder of the Colin. A. Ross institute applied for the $1 Million dollar prize of James Randi Educational Foundation. He claims he can make a tone sound out of a speaker using nothing but an energy beam that he sends out through his eyes. Preliminary tests of the claim will hopefully take place in the near future, once the test protocol is agreed upon. To date, no one has passed the preliminary tests on the way to the $1 million prize. Dr. Ross, founder of the Colin A. Ross Institute, is the author of over 135 scientific papers and 18 books, many of them dealing with psychological trauma and multiple personality disorder. In a forthcoming book entitled Human Energy Fields, Dr. Ross explains a new science and medicine of human energy fields in detail. “Once this energy is identified and captured, as I have done, then it can be studied and used for many applications in medicine and other fields,” said Dr. Ross. Dr. Ross plans to use the $1 Million to develop scanning equipment for medical use and to carry out research on therapeutic uses of human energy fields. Source:...

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Yan Xin qigong

Below is a guest post by Phil, who promotes Yan Xin Qigong method and Yan Xin Qigong audio cassette tapes. After the article, there’s a link to his Ebay store with the tapes. Previously, drew hempel, who contributed various article to this site, has also written about this qigong method on the article: The Highest Technology of All Technologies: The Yan Xin Secret. Yan Xin Qigong is a qigong that was developed from traditional Chinese qigongs by Dr. Yan Xin. Dr. Yan Xin is one of the most popular qigong masters in both China and the United States and is often credited with achieving seemingly “miraculous” feats. In addition to many healings he has participated in scientific experiments some of which are presented in this paper in the Literature Review chapter. Unlike many qigongs, Yan Xin qigong’s Nine Step Child Longevity method utilizes an audio tape to accompany training that consists of Dr. Yan Xin instructing the proper steps and methods to take in entering the “qigong state.” Most practitioners I have communicated with only do the first step of the nine step method. It can be practiced alone or in a group but, in group practice better results are believed to be obtained. In all cases the practice method consists of listening to the tape and following along (as Dr. Yan Xin is speaking Chinese in the background,...

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