Year: 2009

Interview with psychic medium Barb Powell

Canadian Psychic Medium Barb Powell, nicknamed the “Sixth Charm”, is sought out for her skills in Paranormal Investigations as well as psychic/medium readings. A popular psychic who has been in the fore front of the media for the past 10 years. You may have heard her on Darkness Radio with Dave Shrader, Sirius Radio’s Living Successfully or her interview on The Kevin Smith Show. Barb was the only one in the history of The Kevin Smith Show that pulled in so many listeners and tipped audience ratings. She can also be viewed on TV and read about in Magazines. Could you please tell the story of discovering your intuitive abilities? I always knew I was ‘different’. I never quite fit in, even if I were in a crowd of people. It was like I was always observing everything instead of being a part of a group. I would see ‘colors’ around people, which I now know to be a person’s energy or aura. I could see spirit, those who have passed on and I would talk about them to people. You learn very quickly as a child what to say and what not to say. I learned to keep my mouth shut about certain things that were out of the ordinary. I tried to make myself fit into society and be like everyone else. I didn’t want to be...

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Chinese medicine lecture and acupuncture demonstration at Google

There’s a series of enrichment lectures at Google (the company) and they make them available for public viewing on YouTube. The lectures are not strictly technical and encompass a wide variety of topics with guest speakers. The below video is of a lecture describing the basics of Oriental medicine practices, especially acupuncture and acupressure. There’s also specific attention to stress in traditional western medicine and in eastern.  In the second part, after the description, an eastern medicine doctor applies short acupunture treratment to some of the listeners and guides through a short relaxation...

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The Force is With Us by Thomas Walker book review

I’ve received this book from Quest books for a review. The full title is The Force Is With Us: The Higher Consciousness That Science Refuses to Accept. The author, Thomas Walker, D.C is a chiropractic physician, master-level martial artist, professor of natural science, and former Green Beret. I’ll start with going over the structure of the book, chapter by chapter, and will conclude with my impressions of it. In the preface Thomas tells that he started this project back in 1995 and worked on the manuscript for seven years. Several years later, in 2008 his son Clint was dying of cancer. Before he passed away Clint had promised his father to “keep in touch”. And he kept his promise. According to Walker, numerous anomalous and highly improbably events have happened later that year, described in the preface. The book has 10 Chapters, each touching different aspect of parapsychology, spirituality or research. The first chapter, titled “The Force – From Ch’i to Cosmological Constant and Beyond”, Walker starts with the Chinese concept of Ch’i (also spelled Qi), which is what chinese call the Life-force. Ch’i is believe to flow in the body, mainly through a system called meridians, which are highly relevant into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He refers to 1960s research of Professor Kim Bong Han in which he identified a series of unknown ducts in the bodies of...

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How to get rid of heavy head

Does your head feel heavy sometimes? Maybe you are tired after driving or staring at TV or computermonitors? Several years ago I’ve learned quite a simple technique that helps to alleviate the heaviness in head. It’s not a cure for any illness but it doesn’t require anything except a little time and healthy imagination. No drugs, even “alternative”, so, it won’t hurt you in anyway. Like my advice on how to get rid of stuffy nose, which has helped hundreds or thousands of people, this will not work for everyone at all times but it’s sure worth to try. So let’s get started, because something is pushing on your head, right? You can do it seated or standing up, but it’s better not to lie down. You’ll see why shortly. Close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling in your head. Try to imagine that the heaviness that pushes on your head is like a concrete block or like a manhole lid lying on your head and that’s why it feels so heavy – it is pushing on you with its weight. Now, visualize a construction crane and imagine it lifting the lid off your head up and away. At this moment you should feel a little alleviation of the heaviness. The head should feel a little lighter for a moment. Don’t open your eyes and don’t loose concentration. Most probably...

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Is James Leininger a reincarnated pilot?

A prolonged article in the Daily Mail tells the story of James Leininger, now 11, who from the age of 2 years had nightmares. His nightmares were about crashing airplane. Investigation done by his father, Bruce Leininger, led him to believe that his son recounted a crash of a WWII pilot, James Huston, who died in 1945 after his plane took a direct hit and plunged into the water. The story has lots of detail, in which it turns out that the boy knew the model of the plane – the Corsair, that he took off from a ship named “Natoma”, names of the pals of the pilot etc. The nightmares began 9 years ago, when James merely turned 2 years old. Luckily for him they faded off and complete stopped at age 8. During this time the boy showed knowledge of airplanes of WWII era, the location of his death, names etc. The story, if true and not overly exaggerated by his parents, is extremely remarkable and provides a strong case for the possibility of reincarnation or at least the ability of knowledge of one person to be passed to another. I urge you to read this article fully, it’s captivating. Source: Reincarnated! Our son is a World War II pilot come back to...

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