Year: 2010

Thinking Allowed interviews on YouTube

I have recently stumbled upon the great video resource on YouTube. This is a series of interviews started in 1986 by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. Dr. Mishlove is a past director of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, and has served as President of the Intuition Network. The series is called “Thinking Allowed”. I have interviewed Dr. Mishlove in 2006, as he holds the only doctoral diploma in parapsychology to be awarded by an accredited American University (University of California, Berkeley) and wrote a couple of books on the subject. The interviews encompass multiple aspects of the subjects of psychology, consciousness research, alternative medicine and mysticism. There are about 60 videos at this time and more are being added frequently. Most of the videos are excerpts from the interviews but recently longer videos were added. I suggest you take a look at this great...

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Bending spoons by example

A reader of the blog sent me some pictures of the result of her spoon bending attempts. She writes the Spoon bending instructions article helped her more than the spoon bending video, both of which were done by Shannan exclusively for this site. The reader also wrote the following: The first one was easy, but the second one i had lost my concentration in the middle of bending the spoon. I read the article and then I tried it. I concentrated for several minutes. I focused only on the spoon, which is hard because I am paranoid.  I rubbed the handle. Then I bent the spoon. The second time I tried i watched the video and it didn’t help as much as the article did. As I wrote previously, if you’ve also tried to do some spoon bending and have some experience or pictures to share, please write me to We’d like to hear your stories. If you feel the urge to comment that this proves nothing, it’s not scientific and he bent it with his hands, don’t bother. You’re right on all these accounts. So, finally, here are the photographs as...

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Immrama Institute Insight and Focus CDs are now available as MP3 downloads

I have previously praised the two sets of CDs from Immrama Institute, the Insight CD and the Focus 2-CD set. These are layered-brainwave CDs with separate goals in mind. Insight ”…utilizes harmonically layered brainwave audio technology combined with soothing sounds of natural rain to help your brain quickly and effortlessly reach extraordinary levels of enhanced performance not normally attainable without years of training”. Focus, as the name suggests, helps you to improve your performance by letting you get rid of distractions and better focus on the task. Also, since the last time I reviewed them, there is now an option to order the brainwaves with ocean waves background sounds, or the previously available “gentle rain” background, which is what I have. Well, the really good news is that these great CDs are now available as MP3 downloads from Immrama Institute. MP3 downloads are cheaper, faster, “greener”, so there’s no reason not to get them. Here are direct links to the various downloads: Insight Program with gentle rain or ocean waves Focus Program with rain or ocean...

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“No One Dies in Lily Dale” documentary premiers on HBO

Located just south of Buffalo, tiny Lily Dale, NY, is home to the world’s largest concentration of mediums, people who claim to be able to communicate with spirits of the deceased. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world flock to this quaint Victorian community to have their questions answered and grief assuaged. Directed by Emmy winner and Oscar nominee Steven Cantor (HBO’s “Devil’s Playground”), “No One Dies in Lily Dale” follows visitors on their emotional quests, chronicling their mysterious and deeply personal interactions with the town’s unusual residents. “No One Dies in Lily Dale” premieres this Monday, July 5th at 9pm on HBO. Some stills from the...

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Meditation benefits appear after several days of practice

There have been numerous studies about the benefits of meditation. I have written about some of them in 2008 in the article Benefits of meditation researched by scientists. Lately, I have found about a new study that took place in Wake Forest University School of Medicine, NC, USA. The new study is titled “Mindfulness meditation improves cognition: evidence of brief mental training” and you can read its abstract on the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The authors tried to see if the unexperienced meditators had any benefits from meditation after only several days of simple meditation. They also had a control group that listened to an audio book, instead of meditating. The results were that meditation was more beneficiary in many aspects. From the abstract: We examined whether brief meditation training affects cognition and mood when compared to an active control group. After four sessions of either meditation training or listening to a recorded book, participants with no prior meditation experience were assessed with measures of mood, verbal fluency, visual coding, and working memory. Both interventions were effective at improving mood but only brief meditation training reduced fatigue, anxiety, and increased mindfulness. Moreover, brief mindfulness training significantly improved visuo-spatial processing, working memory, and executive functioning. The group only had 4 days of meditation (20 minutes each day) and the benefits were already apparent. The authors...

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