Month: February 2010

Buryl Payne’s biofield remote healing experiment

The following article was sent to me by Buryl Payne in early 2009 but somehow I’ve only now got to publish it. I’m also putting the original PDF file that he sent me, which is better formatted. Buryl seems to be heavily into research of Biofield or what he calls “Spin Force”. The article discusses one of his experiments with remote healing. Remote Healing Measured by the Biofield Meter Buryl Payne, Ph. D. Psychology, Psychophysics Laboratories, P.O. Box 514, Soquel, CA. 95073 Abstract A force around the human body different from electric, magnetic, gravitic, photic, or thermal has previously been discovered and was used in this research. Originally called a ‘biofield’ and now called a ‘spin force’, it was found to vary in amplitude with lunar phase, solar activity, vitality of the subject and other factors. It was found to vary in amplitude with intended remote healing attempts. In 17 out of 20 trials in this pilot study, with healers from 50 to 3,000 miles distant, a clear change in amplitude of the spin force was observed. Keywords: remote healing, subtle magnetism, biofield, spin force. Introduction It is known by experience that prayer and other means of visualization at a distance enhance healing, although no satisfactory explanation has been found to explain this effect. This study shows the operation of a different type of force may be involved. Called...

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The secrets of Qigong Masteres podcast

I practice Qigong. "Qigong (or ch’i kung) is an internal Chinese meditative practice which often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of qi within the human body, and enhance a practitioner’s overall health" – Wikipedia. The specific style of Qigong that I practive is called YiQuan and we focus on health benefits of Qigong. I’ve been now practicing it for more than 3 years. I’ve written about my first YiQuan Qigong lesson in late 2006 and also a review of YiQuan almost a year later. Unfortunately, there’s not much information about Qigong in English, espcially free information. There are some books, many translated book and it’s good. Lately, though, I’ve found a good Qigong podcast (audio, like a radio). This is a weekly podcast, with each episode about an hour long, which is available through Blog Talk Radio. The podcast is called "The Secrets of Qigong master" and you can listen to it on their site, download the sound files or subscribe using iTunes for automatic updates, which is what I do. Every episode is an interview with a different Qigong master and the host brings the best people such as Mantak Chia, Chunyi Lin, Dr. Norman Shealy, Li Junfeng and many others. Listening to some of these episodes I found it fascinating how masters of different styles and schools share the same...

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