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The true story about Mr. James Randi and me, Miroslaw MAGOLA, the „Magnetic Man“

I have written about Miroslaw Magola, the Magnetic Man, including my interview with him. Miroslaw has been telling me about his contacts with James Randi and Randi has several times written about him as well on his site. Now, Miroslaw Magola wants to publish the following article. I publish it verbatim as he sent it to me, except for some minor editing for spelling and presentation. The true story about Mr. James Randi and me, Miroslaw MAGOLA, the „Magnetic Man“ Our first contact dates to 1996 when I learned that my „human bio-magnetism“ ability (magnetism not in the original physical sense) may fall into the area of the JREF prize organised by James Randi Although so far I have not applied officially, and although James Randi keeps a list – „I have a little list“ – of 178 applicants as of 2004 (in which he includes my name), he thought enough of my internet publications that he dealt with me in two further publications (twice in 2004 – as well as in – and latest in March 2008 – About my abilities: Details of these can be found in my interviews with Mysteries magazine ( ) and ( Just to give you a few examples I am able to lift various items of different materials (metal, wood, plastic, ceramic) with palms, forehead...

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About the James Randi Million dollar challenge

There’s been a lot of talk about James Randi’s Million dollar challenge. In this challenge, Randi promises a prize of one million dollars to anyone proving his paranormal abilities. Skeptics of anything paranormal use the fact that no one got the prize that they are right and nothing paranormal exists all claiming otherwise are either misguided or frauds. I’ve written about Randi before in James Randi attacks Uri Geller again. Some good write-ups about Randi’s prize are available from these sources: Michael Prescott’s blog – Prescott posted a series of article’s about Randi’s challenge. You can read his posts in The challenge, part one and in The challenge, part two. In these posts Michael Prescott reviews the FAQ of the JREF Million Dollar Challenge. JREF stands for James Randi Educational Foundation. One of the things going against the challenge is that it’s hard to apply and to get to the part where you actually have to prove something. In the review of the FAQ Prescott shows various parts of the challenge that demonstrate the nature of the prize offer, where some claims are not even considered because they are being pre-decided as being false claims. Read those posts. PsiPog’s founder Sean (aka Peebrain) wrote about his try to take and win the million dollars. Sean describes how his question about the nature of the Million dollars (offered in some...

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James Randi attacks Uri Geller again

If you don’t know who Uri Geller is then you’re probably on the wrong blog. But, just in case, I’ll give a short description. Uri Geller is an Israel born psychic (so he claims) who mostly lives in UK for the last 20 or more years. Geller was a huge phenomenon during the 1970ies when he conquered the international stage by displaying feats of telekinesis and psychic extra-sensory perception, mostly by performing spoon bending and similar stunts. He also was verified by several researchers in US and, apparently found genuine. After his huge success he lowered his profile, partly after an unfortunate appearance on a TV show where he was asked to display his abilities without his prior knowledge. In any way, Uri Geller is one of the most controversial figures in the parapsychology community. James Randi is a stage magician and the most known sceptic of any paranormal phenomena. He is also the head of an international association of skeptics. In the past Randi has furiously attacked Uri Geller, along with other people who claimed to be psychic. Randi even wrote a whole book on Uri Geller titled Truth About Uri Geller. In this book Randi describes how all of Geller’s “tricks” can be performed using ordinary stage magic. More than anything James Randi is known for what’s called “Randi’s million dollars challenge”, where he promises to give...

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Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge

The Daily Grail website (paranormal news, mostly) had posted a large article about the JREF’s Million Dollar challenge, titled The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge. The article is rather long (about 4000 words) and in it the author, Greg, discusses the challenge. He mostly argues about the success probability that Randi requires from the participants (about 1 to 1 million for the full 1 Million prize), which is way way above what is considered significant in science (1 to 20). He also tells of several cases where Randi seemed to back up from a suggested challenge, when it seemed too risky for him. He also raises some legal issues, which are mentioned in the rules of the challenge, in which the participants will lose all right to their presentation in the challenge. The article even got a response from Randi (though only in Randi’s own newsletter), to which Greg responds as well in an update to the article. Interesting read to anyone interested in the million dollar...

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CIA published STARGATE project documents online

Several days ago, CIA published 13 million pages of declassified documents online. Part of this archive are documents related to the Remote Viewing and other research into ESP that SRI (Stanford Research Institute) conducted in the 70ies. This program was known as STARGATE. Some of the most talked-about documents there are concerned with the testing that was conducted on Uri Geller, a famous and controversial figure in the world of both stage magic and psychic abilities. After conducting this series of tests, the researchers concluded that Uri Geller ”demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”...

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