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German magazine interviewed Uri Geller

The famous Uri Geller was interviewed for a german site Telepolis. The interview (in English) is quite interesting, though it touches not only Uri’s “mystical” carreer but also his help with in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, his new book “Ella”, why he lives near London and some interesting facts from his life, like his Mexican citizenship, fnding oil and a lot of stories from his work for the CIA. I really enjoyed reading this interview. Some excerpts: …The first contact was in Mexico City, to the best of my recollection. It was a CIA agent, and he told me, “I’m a CIA agent, we want you to work.” You know, I was very excited about this because I was young, and it was like a movie for me. It was like an unbelievable experience. Wow! To work for the CIA. And then I started getting tasks. To spy on the Russian embassy, to erase floppy disks that were attached to KGB agents in diplomatic pouches… And then in Mexico, when I found oil, the CIA said to me to come close to the Mexican President. To become friends. For many reasons I can’t tell you why. But, I remember, the Mexican President made me a secret agent for the Mexican treasury. I actually had a card, it was metal, where I was Uri Geller, secret, it doesn’t say “secret”,...

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Uri Geller comes to NBC with a new show the Phenomenon

NBC has announced that Uri Geller and Chriss Angel (Mindfreak) will be appearing in a new TV reality show called “Phenomenon” (working title) this fall. The show’s format was bought from Israeli Keshet Broadcasting. The original show in Israel’s channel 2 was called “The Successor” and it was a great hit in Israel’s prime time. The format is somewhat similar to the popular American Idol format where contestants (mentalists – stage magicians specializing in mind tricks) perform acts of seemingly paranormal ability, like telepathy etc. One contestants leaves the show each week, selected by Geller. Geller and Angel will assist the Phenomenon contestants with their insight. The ultimate winner from the 10 participants will be selected by home viewers. Phenomenon is a co-production of Granada America, Keshet Broadcasting, and Kuperman Productions in association with SevenOne International, which controls the worldwide rights to the show’s...

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James Randi attacks Uri Geller again

If you don’t know who Uri Geller is then you’re probably on the wrong blog. But, just in case, I’ll give a short description. Uri Geller is an Israel born psychic (so he claims) who mostly lives in UK for the last 20 or more years. Geller was a huge phenomenon during the 1970ies when he conquered the international stage by displaying feats of telekinesis and psychic extra-sensory perception, mostly by performing spoon bending and similar stunts. He also was verified by several researchers in US and, apparently found genuine. After his huge success he lowered his profile, partly after an unfortunate appearance on a TV show where he was asked to display his abilities without his prior knowledge. In any way, Uri Geller is one of the most controversial figures in the parapsychology community. James Randi is a stage magician and the most known sceptic of any paranormal phenomena. He is also the head of an international association of skeptics. In the past Randi has furiously attacked Uri Geller, along with other people who claimed to be psychic. Randi even wrote a whole book on Uri Geller titled Truth About Uri Geller. In this book Randi describes how all of Geller’s “tricks” can be performed using ordinary stage magic. More than anything James Randi is known for what’s called “Randi’s million dollars challenge”, where he promises to give...

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Andrija Puharich documentary needs your help

A documentary about a parapsychologist and inventor Andrija Puharich is in the works by a New York-based filmmaker, Greg Mallozzi. Andrija Puharich Andrija Puharich is perhaps best known in parapsychology circles for bringing Uri Geller into the United States, and writing a book about him, Uri: A journal of the mystery of Uri Geller. He was also investigating Brazilian psychic surgeon, Zé Arigó. The film producer is looking for donations, in part because “Andrija left behind hundreds of tapes and videos, as well as written material and personal journals. Part of the budget will go directly to once and...

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CIA published STARGATE project documents online

Several days ago, CIA published 13 million pages of declassified documents online. Part of this archive are documents related to the Remote Viewing and other research into ESP that SRI (Stanford Research Institute) conducted in the 70ies. This program was known as STARGATE. Some of the most talked-about documents there are concerned with the testing that was conducted on Uri Geller, a famous and controversial figure in the world of both stage magic and psychic abilities. After conducting this series of tests, the researchers concluded that Uri Geller ”demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”...

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