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Interview with Renée Scheltema

I’ve recently published my review of a documentary called “Something Unknown is doing we don’t know what”. The film researches the evidence behind the “Big Five” psi phenomena and I liked it greatly. Take a peek at my review for some more info. Today I’m glad to present you my interview with Renée Scheltema, the filmmaker and producer of Something Unknown (link to my review of the movie). Despite this being my 15th interview that I publish here on the site, this is the first one that I did live, using Skype. We had a very conversational tone with Renée and the interview starts right in the middle of a sentence.   Renée Scheltema: …I hear what you’re saying because Professor Tart, he told me there’s actually – you could call it the “Big Seven.” But then there are two in the “maybe” category. And one is mediums, you know, talking to dead people which – that’s scientifically you can’t prove that. I investigated it but somehow there’s a reasoning that goes in circles. So I didn’t complete it. And then the other in the “maybe” category is near-death experiences. Jacob: I actually wanted to ask you about these, as well. Renée Scheltema: I researched it a little bit and then because Professor Tart said it’s in the “maybe” category I decided not to include these – the film...

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The Force is With Us by Thomas Walker book review

I’ve received this book from Quest books for a review. The full title is The Force Is With Us: The Higher Consciousness That Science Refuses to Accept. The author, Thomas Walker, D.C is a chiropractic physician, master-level martial artist, professor of natural science, and former Green Beret. I’ll start with going over the structure of the book, chapter by chapter, and will conclude with my impressions of it. In the preface Thomas tells that he started this project back in 1995 and worked on the manuscript for seven years. Several years later, in 2008 his son Clint was dying of cancer. Before he passed away Clint had promised his father to “keep in touch”. And he kept his promise. According to Walker, numerous anomalous and highly improbably events have happened later that year, described in the preface. The book has 10 Chapters, each touching different aspect of parapsychology, spirituality or research. The first chapter, titled “The Force – From Ch’i to Cosmological Constant and Beyond”, Walker starts with the Chinese concept of Ch’i (also spelled Qi), which is what chinese call the Life-force. Ch’i is believe to flow in the body, mainly through a system called meridians, which are highly relevant into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He refers to 1960s research of Professor Kim Bong Han in which he identified a series of unknown ducts in the bodies of...

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Dr. Colin A. Ross goes for the $1 Million prize

Dr. Colin A. Ross, M.D., founder of the Colin. A. Ross institute applied for the $1 Million dollar prize of James Randi Educational Foundation. He claims he can make a tone sound out of a speaker using nothing but an energy beam that he sends out through his eyes. Preliminary tests of the claim will hopefully take place in the near future, once the test protocol is agreed upon. To date, no one has passed the preliminary tests on the way to the $1 million prize. Dr. Ross, founder of the Colin A. Ross Institute, is the author of over 135 scientific papers and 18 books, many of them dealing with psychological trauma and multiple personality disorder. In a forthcoming book entitled Human Energy Fields, Dr. Ross explains a new science and medicine of human energy fields in detail. “Once this energy is identified and captured, as I have done, then it can be studied and used for many applications in medicine and other fields,” said Dr. Ross. Dr. Ross plans to use the $1 Million to develop scanning equipment for medical use and to carry out research on therapeutic uses of human energy fields. Source:...

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Translation of article about Miroslaw Magola from German magazine

I have lately interviewed the Magnetic Man Miroslaw Magola. During our email conversation he referred me to a recent interview that he’s done for a German language only print mysteries-magazin. I couldn’t understand the interview, since I can’t read German and I’ve asked visitors of my site help with the translation. To my happiness, Jan Martin Löhndorf from Germany agreed to translate the piece for me. Big thanks to Jan. I’ve emailed the editors of the magazine and wrote that I want to publish the translation on the web. I’ve received no objection from them, so here I’m posting it. If I receive further notice form the magazine that asks me to remove the translation, I will. I’m not using any graphics from the article, only the text. Interview with Miroslaw Magola in Mysteries Magazin PSI-talent challenges sceptics “I don’t cheat!” Miroslav Magola’s amazing “attractive” powers Be it metal vessels, marble or wood: Nearly everything sticks to Miroslav Magola. For several years now, german Miroslav Magola, formerly from Poland, has been keeping people amazed with his unbelievable performances. With criticism growing, he now promises, “For the future, I will also appear using talcum and gloves.” 2002: In the middle of the ample foyer of the congress hall housing the Basel Psi-convention, kneels a bald-headed man of medium age on the floor – surrounded by amazed spectators. Before him are...

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Interview with Miroslaw Magola the magnetic man

I’m glad to finally publish my interview with Miroslaw Magola, also called the Magnetic Man. Miroslaw possesses a unique ability to “stick” objects to parts of his body. I have already written an article about him in last October, see for an introduction Miroslav Magola the Magnetic Man. Since then I saw more references to him, including references from people skeptical of his ability. I am glad that Miroslaw has accepted my invitation to interview him. Note, that Miroslaw was born in Poland and now lives in Germany. Yet, his English is quite poor and he preferred to be interviewed over the email, since his reading and writing skills are better than his talking skill. Since most of my interviews were conducted over the email, I saw no problem with that. Obviously, the claims of Miroslaw are quite extraordinary. There are very little people even claiming to have the ability to attach objects to them without adhesives, even rarer is when the objects are not metallic. Miroslaw himself proudly writes that he has been examined by several scientists or researchers in various fields and his website lists them. I have asked Mr. Magola, even before I sent him the question, to provide me with some references to these researchers, if which Miroslaw has sent me four contacts: Prof. Dr. Konstatin Korotkov, Dr. Alexander Imich, M.D. Dobruskin, Jack Houck. I’ve...

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